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Announcement: Brand new Fairy Tail 2014 Series is going to start airing on April 5th! Please inform all your rescinds and family, we will be the first to have it.

Fairy Tail (2014) Episode 2

“The Eclipse Project” In the dragon graveyard, Arcadios explains to Fairy Tail what he needs from them to make Project Eclipse work. He takes them to the king's palace, Mercurius, and shows them Eclipse, the actual portal designed to take

5 Comments 3,041 views Air Date: April 12th, 2014

Fairy Tail (2014) Episode 1

"The Dragon King" Fairy Tail is back, picking up where it left off, in the middle of the Grand Magic Games! But during a short break, Gajeel leads Natsu and Wendy to the underground dragon burial ground. Wendy uses her magic to communicate wit

14 Comments 5,255 views Air Date: April 5th, 2014

Fairy Tail 2014 Preview Trailer

Brand new series which is set to be aired on April 5th, 2014, please spread the word and messege to all your freinds and family and share on all your social networks. We are going to be the first one's to have it available exclusivly on Fairy Tail HQ

9 Comments 3,745 views Air Date: March 20th, 2014

Fairy Tail OVA Episode 5

"Important to the relief for the win!?" In the evening of Day 3, a happy accident occurs, and everyone is wearing swimsuits!

51 Comments 25,636 views Air Date: June 21st, 2013

Fairy Tail Episode 175

“Natsu vs. the Twin Dragons” The final battle between Natsu and the Twin Dragons! Gajeel makes a shocking subterranean discovery! And does Jellal finally catch the source of the suspicious magic?!

186 Comments 48,604 views Air Date: March 29th, 2013

Fairy Tail Episode 174

“Four Dragons” The battle between Dragon Slayers heats up and it's one that goes back and forth between Fairy Tail and Sabertooth, but the tide turns when the mysterious Dragon Force comes into play! less

63 Comments 42,336 views Air Date: March 22nd, 2013

Fairy Tail the Movie

"Houou no Miko" A mysterious girl named Éclair who appears before Fairy Tail, the world’s most notorious wizard’s guild. She lost all of her memories, except for the imperative that she must deliver two Phoenix Stones somewhere. The stone

133 Comments 135,508 views Air Date: March 16th, 2013

Fairy Tail Episode 173

“Battle of the Dragon Slayers” First up is a tag team battle between Millianna and Kagura of Mermaid Heel versus Lamia Scale's Lyon and Yuka. Then, the long-anticipated grudge match between Dragon Slayers begins!

68 Comments 42,618 views Air Date: March 15th, 2013

Fairy Tail Episode 172

“The Perfume I Dedicate to You” Fairy Tail A and B are forced to combine! Who are the five members chosen to participate? Also, the identity of the the Blue Pegasus Bunny is revealed!

81 Comments 26,673 views Air Date: March 8th, 2013

Fairy Tail Episode 171

“Naval Battle” The fourth day begins with the Naval Battle, in which one player from each team tries to push the others out of a giant sphere of water. It starts out as good clean fun, but then turns unexpectedly brutal..

50 Comments 26,141 views Air Date: March 1st, 2013

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