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Fukuro is a member of the Trinity Raven, a group part of the assassin guild Death’s Head Caucus working under Jellal. Fukuro’s appearance is one of the most bizarre seen so far in the series, having the body of a man but the head of an owl as well as rockets strapped to his back. He also fancies himself a warrior of justice despite the fact he’s working for the antagonist. He confronts Natsu Dragneel in the Paradise Tower as the fire mage makes his way up to confront Jellal. The two are evenly matched in terms of fighting skill but Fukuro manages to catch Natsu off guard and eats him, absorbing his fire magic. Gray Fullbuster happens upon the scene shortly after and becomes Fukuro’s next opponent. While the owl mage manages to use Natsu’s power against Gray, it’s nowhere near powerful enough to beat him. Fukuro then opts to eat Gray instead but finds he’s too cold to swallow allowing Gray to finish him off with his ice magic, causing Fukuro to spit out Natsu in the process.For the anime, Fukuro and the other members of Trinity Raven appear alive, although in the manga they most likely fell with the tower.


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