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Announcement: Brand new Fairy Tail 2014 Series is going to start airing on April 5th! Please inform all your rescinds and family, we will be the first to have it.


Why should I donate?
By donating to the site, you will help with all the expenses we have to pay here. It will help pay for the server, hosting and more. Please keep this website up and running smoothly. We need your support.


Our Goal
Video hosting is being very difficult recently as most of the US based video hosting and file hosting sites started to deleted all their copyright infringing files. So that means we are going to get a lot of broken videos and we do not want that. We are starting to host all the videos on non-US based websites which will be able to provide everyone with 100% working episodes all the time guaranteed. Hosting episodes in a remote location on a Dedicated Server is expensive, so we need your support to continue. Even donating a small amount will be very helpful. A great thanks to the generous people that donated.


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Please contact us using this form if you are interested in donating to the site. Thank you.

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