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Episode List

# Title Original air date
01 “Fairy Tail”

“Yōsei no Shippo” (妖精の尻尾)

October 12, 2009
Natsu Dragneel, along with his cat named Happy, has traveled to the town of Hargeon in search of a wizard named Salamander. Here he runs into a young woman named Lucy Heartfilia, a Celestial Wizard, who is determined to join the famous Fairy Tail guild. She runs into the famous Salamander of Fairy Tail, but turns out to be a fake and proceeds to capture her, until rescued by Natsu. Natsu reveals that he is the real Salamander and invites Lucy to the guild.
02 “The Dragon, The Monkey, and The Bull”

“Karyū to Saru to Ushi” (火竜と猿と牛)

October 19, 2009
Natsu, Happy, and Lucy go in search of a missing Fairy Tail wizard in the mountains from which he never returned. They run into a monster who attacks Lucy. Lucy summons Taurus to defeat it and the missing wizard is returned home.
03 “Infiltrate The Everlue Mansion!”

“Sennyū Seyo!! Ebarū Yashiki” (潜入せよ!!エバルー屋敷!!)

October 26, 2009
Natsu and Happy team up with Lucy and they accept a job – stealing a book from a mansion. But they soon discover that that job has been changed to burning the book – with the reward greatly increased. They accept the job and break into the mansion to steal it, but are stopped by the mansion’s owner.
04 “Dear Kaby”


November 2, 2009
Lucy, Natsu and Happy retrieve the book from the mansion, but Lucy cannot bring herself to destroy the book as it contains a secret. Natsu holds off the stellar spirit Virgo while Lucy reads the book. They manage to defeat the mansion’s owner and escape. On returning the book to the requester Lucy shows that the book contains a secret message from the writer to his son, who set the job. They leave but do not accept the reward as they never burnt the book.
05 “The Armored Wizard”

“Yoroi no Madōshi” (鎧の魔導士)

November 9, 2009
Natsu and Lucy start looking for a new job to take, but Erza, the strongest female member in all of Fairy Tail, returns. She’s asks Natsu and Gray to come help her on a mission. Lucy tags along to keep the two of them from fighting, and on the train Erza tells the story of how she learned of the plans of Eisenwald, a Dark Guild, who are going to use the lullaby to kill all the Guild Masters at their meeting later.
06 “Fairies In The Wind”

“Yōsei-tachi wa Kaze no Naka” (妖精たちは風の中)

November 16, 2009
Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Happy, and Gray follow the Eisenwald Guild to try and stop them from using the Lullaby. They find them but are lured into a train station and fight of the members of the dark guild. They realize that the leader Erigor is escaping and leave but are stopped by his wind barrier which cuts into anyone who tries to pass.
07 “Fire and Wind”

“Honō to Kaze” (炎と風)

November 23, 2009
Still trapped Happy tells Lucy that Virgo (the stellar spirit) asked him to give her her key. Lucy summons her and they are able to escape through a tunnel made by Virgo. Natsu is flown by Happy straight to Erigor as the others go by car. Natsu manages to defeat Erigors wind shield as the others arrive, but the injured member steals the lullaby.
08 “The Strongest Team!”

“Saikyō Chīmu!!!” (最強チーム!!!)

November 30, 2009
Natsu, Erza, and Gray are faced with the powerful demon that has been released from the Lullaby Flute. They manage to stop its song by breaking holes in its body and they defeat it. They head off back to the guild with Markarov.
09 “Natsu Eats A Village!”

“Natsu, Mura o Kū!” (ナツ、村を食う!)

December 7, 2009
Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Makarov, and Happy are lost in Clover Canyon and they find a town in the middle of the valley that is suspiciously empty of people. They accidentally activate a spell which release monsters, as they are about to die Markarov saves them.
10 “Natsu vs. Erza”

“Natsu VS Eruza” (ナツVSエルザ)

December 14, 2009
Natsu takes on Erza to prove that he has gotten strong enough to beat her in a fight, but they are interrupted when Erza is arrested. Erza is taken to the capital to be punished and Natsu secretly follows her.The court finds her guilty of destroying the train station but let her off with a warning until Natsu comes in dressed as Erza in an attempt to free her, they are both put in jail for the rest of the day and are released the next morning.
11 “The Cursed Island”

“Norowareta Shima” (呪われた島)

December 21, 2009
Natsu gets an S-class with the help of Happy and he convinces Lucy to come with him to collect the reward. Why is the island cursed and who is behind the curse?
12 “Moon Drip”

“Mūn Dorippu” (月の雫)

January 4, 2010
Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Happy uncover a plot to release a demon that wreaked havoc years ago and was only stopped by Gray’s former teacher who sacrificed herself to seal away the beast. Can they stop the release of the demon before it’s too late?
13 “Natsu vs. Yuka “The Wave”"

“Natsu vs. Hadō no Yūka” (ナツvs.波動のユウカ)

January 11, 2010
In order to protect the village, Natsu faces off against a new foe, Yuka, who is confident that Natsu will lose to him. Can Natsu defeat him?
14 “Do What You Must!!”

“Katte ni Shiyagare!!” (勝手にしやがれ!!)

January 18, 2010
Erza has arrived on Galuna Island and her only reason to be there is to return everyone to Fairy Tail for punishment, but Gray refuses to leave and is determined to finish his fight with Lyon. Will Erza allow this or is Gray in for a fight with her?
15 “Eternal Magic”

“Eien no Mahō” (永遠の魔法)

January 25, 2010
Gray thinks back to when he first met his teacher and how she changed his life. What happened to her and why is Gray responsible for her death?
16 “Galuna Island, The Final Battle”

“Garuna-tō Saishū Kessen” (ガルナ島 最終決戦)

February 1, 2010
Gray is about to use the Iced Shell magic on Lyon to permanently imprison him in ice like Deliora and Natsu must face off against a mysterious foe that uses Lost Magic. Will Gray sacrifice himself to stop Lyon and can Natsu defeat this mysterious foe?
17 “Burst”


February 8, 2010
The demon, Deliora, has been released! Can Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Lucy stop the unstoppable monster?
18 “Reach the Sky!”

“Todoke! Ano Sora ni!” (届け!あの空に!)

February 15, 2010
Erza recruits Natsu to help her “destroy the moon” as Lucy and Gray look on with disbelief. Can Natsu and Erza really destroy the moon?
19 “Changeling”

“Chenjuringu” (チェンジリング)

February 22, 2010
Natsu finds a strange looking request on the job board and when he says the words on the paper, he, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Happy, and Loke all switch bodies. Can a solution to this perplexing spell be found?
20 “Natsu and the Dragon Egg”

“Natsu to Doragon no Tamago” (ナツとドラゴンの卵)

March 1, 2010
This episode takes us back to when Happy and Natsu first met and when Lisanna was still apart of the gang.
21 “Phantom Lord”

“Yūki no Shihaisha” (幽鬼の支配者)

March 8, 2010
Fairy Tail is attacked by Phantom Lord and at first it is just their building, but when some of the Fairy Tail members, Team Shadow Gear, are brutally attacked, Makarov declares war. Fairy Tail attacks Phantom Lord, while Two members of the Element 4, an elite team belonging to Phantom Lord, attack and Capture Lucy, who was left behind from the battle. Phantom lord’s Gajeel waits for Makarov to go find Phantom lord’s Leader Jose, before coming down to fight.
22 “Lucy Heartfilia”

“Rūshī Hātofiria” (ルーシイ・ハートフィリア)

March 15, 2010
Gajeel starts fighting and ends up in a fight with Natsu. Makarov fights with Phantom Lord Wizard, Jose, and being cathed in one of the Element 4 Magic. He loses his magic power and Fairy Tail army leaves the Phantom Lord. Lucy is rescued from the Phantom Lord guild by Natsu.
23 “15 Minutes”

“Jūgo-fun” (15分)

March 22, 2010
Fairy Tail cures its wounds, whilst Phantom Lord appears in Magnolia. Erza is defeated by one of the most powerful magic force – the magic cannon Jupiter. Jose wants to get back Lucy , but Fairy Tail’s guys aren’t going to just hand her over. Magnolia has 15 minutes before Jupiter will fire second time. Natsu rushes into the big cannon of Phantom Lord.
24 “So No One Sees the Tears”

“Sono Namida o Minai Tame ni” (その涙を見ない為に)

March 29, 2010
Natsu, Gray, and Elfman have infiltrated Phantom Lord’s headquarters. Although Natsu manages to destroy Jupiter and the lookout somehow, Phantom has yet another trump card! Incredibly, the guild itself transforms into the magical giant Phantom Mk II, and starts casting the forbidden magic Abyss Break trying to wipe out the entire guild at once. With no time to spare,Monsieur Sol a member of the Element 4 appears before Elfman!
25 “A Flower Blooms in the Rain”

“Ame no Naka ni Saku Hana” (雨の中に咲く華)

April 12, 2010
Elfman crushes Sol of the Land, one of the Element 4! Afterward, the Phantom Mk II seems to slow down for some reason. That’s because the giant moves using the power of the Element 4. If all of the Element 4 are defeated, they can stop Abyss Break! There are only two left! Natsu faces off against Aria of the Heavens and Gray faces off against Juvia of the Deep! There’s almost no time left until Abyss Break is finished casting! What will be the outcome of Fairy Tail’s life-or-death struggle?!
26 “Wings of Fire”

“Honō no Tsubasa” (炎の翼)

April 19, 2010
The master is now awake! What will he do now that he’s up and ready to go!? Coming back from the side lines, Erza dismisses Natsu to finish the fight with Aria of the Heavens. On the other side of town, Lucy is kept at Fairy Tail’s safe house when a mysterious bunch show up. With few bodyguards and a frenzied Loke racing against time to save her, Lucy is kidnapped by none other than Phantom Lord’s Gajeel. The Phantom Lord then steps in to fight Erza, who tells Natsu to save Lucy. Will Natsu make it to Lucy before Gajeel beats her to a pulp?
27 “The Two Dragon Slayers”

“Futari no Doragon Sureiyā” (二人の滅竜魔導士)

April 26, 2010
For Lucy, Natsu must fight Gajeel who, as it turns out, is a Dragon Slayer magic user as well! Unlike Nastu’s fire, Gajeel uses steel that is unable to be penetrated by fire and inflicts a heavy amount of damage! With a good offense and defense… Will Natsu survive his bout with Gajeel? Who will be the winner?
28 “Fairy Law”

“Fearī Rō” (フェアリーロウ)

May 3, 2010
We cut back to Erza and the Phantom Lord’s fight – worn out but still willing to fight, Erza refuses to back down. The master makes his appearance, as the “parent” he states that he is refusing to let his “children” fight any longer in a battle that he should have ended at the start. What powerful magic does he have in store for the Phantom Lord? Lucy’s keys are returned to her, but will she be able to help Natsu win his fight?
29 “My Resolve”

“Atashi no Ketsui” (あたしの決意)

May 10, 2010
The fighting ends, with the help of Fairy Law; after the battle between Natsu and Gajeel, they find they may have more in common than they realized. Will this bring the two enemies closer? Lucy returns to the guild to apologize, and decides to return home to her father. Natsu, Erza, Happy and Grey find her note and follow her. Dressed in fancy clothes and having endless servants as her disposal… will Lucy decide to stay and never return to Fairy Tail again?
30 “Next Generation”


May 17, 2010
There seems to be a problem with the Master. Is his age finally catching up to him?
31 “The Star That Cannot Return to the Heavens”

“Sora ni Modorenai Hoshi” (空に戻れない星)

May 24, 2010
Loke begins acting strangely, particularly around Lucy, whom Loke has always avoided in the past. When he breaks up with all his girlfriends and disappears, a concerned Lucy investigates and realizes that Loke is not an ordinary mage: he is actually a Celestial Spirit who has been banned from returning to the heavens.
32 “The Spirit King”

“Seirei-ō” (星霊王)

May 31, 2010
After Lucy discovers that Loki is a Celestial Spirit, he reveals the reason why he is trapped on Earth. In order to protect a friend, he broke a fundamental rule for Celestial Spirits by indirectly causing the death of his contract holder. As Loki’s ability to stay in the human world is about to reach its end, Lucy attempts to save him, but will the Spirit King’s appearance complicate matters?
33 “Tower of Heaven”

“Rakuen no Tō” (楽園の塔)

June 7, 2010
While on vacation at the Kingdom’s best resort, Erza seems to be haunted by glimpses from her past. Erza and Happy are abducted and taken into the Tower of Heaven, to Jellal. Will Natsu and the gang be able to save them? What is the Tower of Heaven and what does it have to do with Erza’s past?
34 “Jellal”

“Jerāru” (ジェラール)

June 21, 2010
It is the start of a big battle where Erza’s past starts to unfold and the darkness of the tower of heaven and the R-system are revealed.
35 “Voice of Darkness”

“Yami no Koe” (闇の声)

June 28, 2010
This episode takes back to “why” Erza gained her mage skills and what happened to Jellal in the past.
36 “Heaven’s Game”

“Rakuen Gēmu” (楽園ゲーム)

July 5, 2010
This episode is basically a follow on of what happens in the rebellion and the revolt against Jellal, being that two of his ‘comrades’ betray him to Erza. Three new enemies appear. Lucy and Juvia seems to find themselves tied up with a very loud enemy, while Natsu on the other hand is fighting with a really “fowl” enemy; who will win this game?
37 “Heart’s Armor”

“Kokoro no Yoroi” (心の鎧)

July 12, 2010
The revolt continues; the three enemies prove to be excellent fighters. Lucy is forced to fight Juvia of the Deep and Natsu is eaten. The battle looks grim for team Fairy Tail. We also get to take a peak on Gray’s and Erza’s relationship with each other when Erza first arrived at Fairy Tail. Meanwhile, Erza is still trapped at Sho’s card. Who will come out on top of this twisted game?
38 “Destiny”

“Desutinī” (運命)

July 19, 2010
Convinced by Siegrain’s arguments the magic council prepares to fire the lethal weapon Etherion on the Tower of Heaven. Meanwhile, having beaten the leader of the assassin group Trinity Raven, Erza advances to face Jellal alone.
39 “A Prayer Under the Holy Light”

“Seinaru Hikari ni Inori o” (聖なる光に祈りを)

July 26, 2010
We will now find what is Jellal’s plans and the real tower of heaven looks like. Natsu began to confront Jellal, only finding himself overpowered.Natsu starts beating up Jellal, but it was only for Jellal to see his power. Jellal uses a spell to cause him to have incredible speed and then uses another spell with the power of falling meteors.Natsu takes it,then gets up weakly reminding Jellal that the new Tower of Heaven has started to break.Natsu punches the ground and it cracks.

The episode ends with Natsu telling Jellal that breaking things are Fairy Tail’s specialty and that he is fired up more than ever now.

40 “Titania Falls”

“Titānia, Chiru” (妖精女王, 散る)

August 2, 2010
Natsu fights Jellal. Natsu is hardly able to scratch Jellal, having regained his true magical powers. So, deciding to just try and destroy the tower itself, he angers Jellal. Thus he launches the ultimate Heavenly Body Magic, Altairis, deciding to destroy Erza and Natsu together, not minding anymore about the destruction of the Tower. As the attack launched, Simon defended the two and died. Natsu decides to eat some of the lacrima, thinking to absorb the power of Etherion. He unleashes his true Dragon Slayer powers and continues to fight Jellal, but the Etherion, containing elements other than fire, backfired on him. But Natsu managed, and defeated Jellal. As Natsu faints, the unstable power of Etherion started to leak out of the lacrima and it will cause a huge explosion. Erza decides to fuse with the liquified lacrima to save her friends. The Etherion shot out to the sky.
41 “Home”


August 9, 2010
Erza floats above what looks like her funeral, as everyone is crying and Makarov is delivering a speech on her death. The Ten Wizard Saints come and say they have decided to award one of the 2 open seats of the Ten Wizard Saints to Erza in perpetuity. Natsu comes and screams that Erza is not dead, kicking flowers off of her tomb when everyone subdues him. Erza realizes that this is not what she wanted; she wanted to sacrifice herself to make everyone happy, not to see them all sad. It turns out to be a vision, and as Erza wakes up on the beach, Natsu holds her in the water and everyone who was on the boat runs towards them, happy to see them safe. Erza invites her old friends—Sho, Milliana, and Wally—to join Fairy Tail. When they get home, Fairy Tail has been rebuilt, with a lot of new additions. Juvia has joined the guild as well, and she brought Gajeel with her. Gajeel claims to join the guild only to do jobs. Everyone is upset about having Gajeel on the guild but Marakov calms them saying it was his decision. Gajeel is later confronted by Jet and Droy who want revenge on what he has done to the guild. Levy tries hard to stop them. Laxus then arrives and beats him too. They then realize that Gajeel isn’t fighting back to show his sincerity, even protecting Levy from a bolt of lightning from Laxus. Gajeel then walks off, now injured, saying he has work to do.
42 “Battle of Fairy Tail”

“Batoru Obu Fearī Teiru” (バトル·オブ·フェアリーテイル)

August 16, 2010
Lucy comes home to find Natsu in her bed. Happy tells Lucy about a Miss Fairy Tail Contest where the winner gets 500,000 jewels; both Mirajane and Cana are also participating. The contest starts. Laxus arrives with his 3 bodyguards, the Raijinshū. Evergreen surprisingly turns the contestants, including Lucy, into stone. Laxus then declares Battle of Fairy Tail: to return them to normal, they have to find them within three hours. A rune that prevents people over 80 from passing has been set up around the guildhouse by Fried Justine which prevents Makarov helping. Oddly, Natsu can’t exit too. Runes have been set up all over Magnolia, and one of them makes the Fairy Tail members fight each other.
43 “Defeat Your Friends to Save Your Friends”

“Tomo no Tame ni Tomo o Ute” (友の為に友を討て)

August 23, 2010
The Battle of Fairy Tail moves into high gear, and contestants are falling left and right… And they’re all members of Fairy Tail! Forced to fight each other to save their friends, the Fairy Tail Wizards’ backs are up against a wall… With the weakest out of the way, the Raijin Tribe themselves start to join in the mix, and they aren’t Laxus’s personal guard for nothing! Meanwhile, Natsu can’t get out of the guild and Erza has been turned to stone… Is there anyone left strong enough to defeat them?! The battle begins to look hopeless, until…
44 “Thunder Palace”

“Kaminari Den” (神鳴殿)

August 30, 2010
Erza’s back and she’s ready to end the Battle of Fairy Tail once and for all! Facing off against Evergreen, Erza knows that if she takes this Raijin Tribe member out, the rest of the stone statue hostages will return to normal, and that means Game Over for Laxus! But things don’t go as simply as planned, for Laxus has a backup plan up his sleeve… Above Magnolia are floating countless number of thunder lacrima, primed and charged to rain lightning down on the innocent people below. They’re Laxus’s ultimate weapon, the Thunder Palace! Can Fairy Tail recoup, find Laxus, and defeat him before time runs out?
45 “Satan’s Decent”

“Satan Kōrin” (サタン降臨)

September 6, 2010
The Battle of Fairy Tail rages on as the newly revived female Fairy Tail wizards search for Laxus before the Thunder Palace activates and rains destruction down on Magnolia! Loke shows up in the nick of time to help Lucy in her battle with Bickslow, but Bickslow still has a few tricks up his sleeves! Meanwhile Cana and Juvia encounter Freed, but get caught in one of his rune traps and are forced to fight one another! Mirajane finds Elfman, seriously injured after his defeat by Evergreen, but when Elfman tries to join back in the fight, Freed shows him what happens to anyone who breaks his rules. Seeing her brother suffering so much, something long dormant awakens inside of Mirajane…
46 “Clash at Kardia Cathedral”

“Gekitotsu! Karudia Daiseidō” (激突!カルディア大聖堂)

September 13, 2010
With the master collapsed, and Magnolia minutes away from being completely destroyed by the Thunder Palace, Erza and Natsu desperately search Magnolia to find Laxus and stop him. Waiting in Kardia Cathedral, Laxus is first visited by the mysterious and powerful Fairy Tail S class wizard, Mystogan. As they battle, Natsu and Erza show up, and Mystogan ends up showing his face to the one he least wanted to see… Will the strongest in Fairy Tail finally be decided this time?
47 “Triple Dragon”

“Toripuru Doragon” (トリプル ドラゴン)

September 20, 2010
While Erza’s magical power is running out, Warren and Gray steps in to help. They tell the rest to get up and destroy the Thunder Palace,but they started fighting. Because of Lucy’s inspirational words, all of them worked together and successfully destroyed the Thunder Palace. However, due to the Link Body Magic in the Thunder Palace, all of them fell unconscious. Back at the church, Natsu is still fighting Laxus. When Natsu was in trouble, Gajeel steps in to aid him. They both work together, but they failed to defeat him. Laxus was then revealed that he is also actually a Dragon Slayer and casts the Fairy Law spell. Just then, Levy appears and tells Laxus that Makarov is dying and he needs to see him. But Laxus just ignores saying that his chances of being the Master is getting higher.
48 “Fantasia”

“Fantajia” (幻想曲)

September 27, 2010
Laxus has invoked Fairy Law, the ultimate spell of his grandfather’s that passes judgment upon all whom the caster deems an enemy. But as if a miracle, no one in the guild or Magnolia seems to be affected at all? Could Laxus have made a mistake casting the spell? Or is there some deeper reason that saved everyone from destruction? And more importantly, can Fairy Tail regroup in time to put on their big parade, the Fantasia?! The Battle of Fairy Tail comes to its shocking conclusion…
49 “The Day of the Fateful Encounter”

“Unmei no Deai no Hi” (運命の出会いの日)

October 11, 2010
The Harvest Festival is over, and things at the guild have returned to normal… Well, normal for Fairy Tail, that is, since everyone is making a huge fuss over a reporter from the Weekly Sorcerer that’s coming to do a special report! At the same time, Cana tells Lucy this fortune “My cards tell me that today you will have a fateful encounter.” Is Lucy’s love life going to get a jump start when two young men, the reporter for the magazine and a novelist, show up in front of her? Who could be Lucy’s fated partner!?
50 “Special Request. Watch Out for the Guy You Like!”
“Tokubetsu Irai. Kini Naru Kare ni Chūi Seyo!” (特別依頼。気になる彼に注意せよ!)
October 18, 2010
There’s more strange happenings at Fairy Tail! Mira says that Natsu might be in love with Lucy, which causes Lucy’s heart to race… At the same time, Juvia tries to fulfill her tender heart’s painful unrequited love for Gray by using a forbidden magic potion! But could this potion bring Fairy Tail to the brink of destruction?! Everyone’s making a giant fuss over love, but how will it all end?
51 “Love & Lucky”
October 25, 2010
A suspicious shadow tails close behind Lucy… Why, it’s Lucy’s father, completely changed! His business and all his money were completely taken from him. Lucy ends up turning away her father when he desperately begs for money. But the trade guild that he is heading to in order to start over is attacked! “He may be that man… But even so, I have to save him!” Lucy goes to save the only father she’s got!
52 “Allied Forces, Gather Up”
“Rengōgun, Shūketsu!” (連合軍, 集結)
November 1, 2010
The most powerful force of the Dark Guilds is the “Baram Alliance”!! It looks like one of the key members, the Dark Guild Oracion Seis, has started making some seriously worrying moves. And to counter it, Fairy Tail is teaming up with three other official guilds to form their own alliance! All gathered up, the group has a bad-boy, a gigolo, a narcissist, and… a kid?!
53 “Oracion Seis Appears!”
“Orashion Seisu Arawaru!” (六魔将軍(オラシオンセイス)現る!)
November 8, 2010
Oracion Seis is trying to get their hands on a powerful magic sealed away by the ancients called “Nirvana.” And in order to stop them, the allied forces are about to set their plan into action, but they’re already playing into the enemy’s hands! With their guard down, both Jura and Ichiya are out for the count, and even their supposed trump card, the magical bomber, crashes in flames right before Natsu’s eyes! Then, with no hesitation, all of Oracion Seis shows up right in front of everyone! It’s the Allied Forces verses the Six Wizard Generals! Wait, right off the bat?
54 “Maiden of the Sky”
“Tenkū no Miko” (天空の巫女)
November 15, 2010
Wendy is actually the Sky Dragon Slayer, and she can use Healing Magic! But she and Happy are taken away by Oracion Seis… Natsu and the rest follow them to get Wendy back, so she can save Erza from the poison she was hit with in the last battle, however Oracion Seis has their own plans to get Wendy to heal “that person who holds the key to Nirvana…” And you’ll never guess who that person is!
55 “The Girl and the Ghost”
“Shōjo to bōrei” (少女と亡霊)
November 22, 2010
Natsu and Gray are up against the Naked Mummy guild. Meanwhile, Wendy is instructed to revive Jellal, who she “owes her life to”. Wendy, though having heard of Jellal’s bad deeds before, does not believe in them. Instead, she decides to resurrect Jellal, the one who saved her life. Natsu and Gray easily defeat the whole Naked Mummy guild, and are now up against Erigor, whom Natsu had once defeated. Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus (excluding Hibiki and Ichiya, since Ichiya was captured) also defeat the other guilds they are up against. Nastu soon defeats Erigor, and everyone finds out where the base of Oracion Seis is by asking those they defeated. Having reached near the base, Natsu shouts for Happy and Wendy, and attracts the attention of the Oracion Seis. Racer starts a fight with Natsu and Gray. Natsu and Charles go to find Wendy and Happy themselves, while Gray battles Racer alone. The two arrive to see Jellal revived. Natsu, Happy, Wendy and Charles leave first in order to heal Erza. Racer sees them escaping and tries to stop them, but Gray stops him in his tracks instead.
56 “Dead Grand Prix”
“Deddo Guran Puri” (デッドGP(グランプリ))
November 29, 2010
Hibiki manages to communicate with Natsu through his magic, Archive, and informs him how to get to where Erza is. Meanwhile, Gray is having trouble defeating Racer and his Dead Grand Prix, a ton of magic motorcycles. Gray gets on one of the motorcycles and starts a race battle with Racer. Halfway through the race, Gray encounters Lyon and Sherry, and Lyon joins in the battle. While in battle, Lyon discovers Racer’s weakness and whispers it to Gray, and then freezes Gray. Sherry joins in too, but soon gets defeated. Lyon almost gets defeated, and when Racer is just about to stab him, he tells Racer that he knows of his magic – lowering the speed of his opponents, or rather, slowing down their sense of time in a certain area. Gray has broken free from the ice and is at the tip of it, and fires an ice arrow at Racer. However, Racer reveals an explosive lacrima on his body, and plans to take Gray, Lyon and Sherry along with him by killing them. Just as Racer is about to run to Gray, Lyon grabs Racer and jumps down the cliff, followed by a huge explosion. Brain knows that Racer is defeated, and wakes up Midnight.
57 “Darkness”
“Yami” (闇(やみ))
December 06, 2010
Jura starts a battle with Hot Eye of the Heavenly Eye, and Wendy wakes up and heals Erza. Meanwhile, Cobra follows Jellal, being unable to read his mind, to see that Jellal finds Nirvana. Natsu runs off to find Jellal, determined to not let him meet Erza. Erza hears the name “Jellal” and sets off by herself without the others knowing. Racer’s personal guild, Harpyia, tries to stop Natsu, but is easily defeated. Hibiki explains about the power of Nirvana – the people in between the power of light and darkness switch to the opposite element. The people of light who feel powerful negative emotion fall into darkness. Fearing that Wendy, who blames herself for reviving Jellal, would fall into darkness as well, Hibiki knocks her unconcious. Meanwhile, Sherry, who feels that Gray has caused Lyon’s death, has fallen into darkness, and knocks Gray unconscious. Hot Eye is also affected by Nirvana, and teams up with Jura. Ren heads toward the light, but Midnight, who begins to hunt the magicians, gets Eve as his first victim.
58 “Spirit vs. Spirit”
“Seirei Gassen” (星霊合戦)
December 13, 2010
After Erza went missing, after Jellal, Natsu went after him. Lucy, Hibiki, Wendy, Charle, Happy, and the summoned Sagittarius went after Natsu. Natsu spots Gray on a stream but turns out to be traitorous against Natsu, himself being a trap for Natsu to ride on a raft. Natsu realizes it isn’t Gray, but cannot do anything due to his motion sickness. The group arrives seeing Gray about to finish Natsu up. While Gray utters some of his characteristics, the group assumes that he is already under the influence of Nirvana. The fake Gray transforms into Lucy, and controls Sagittarius. Angel finally arrives to the scene, telling the fake Lucy to stop as she assumes they have already found Nirvana. The fake reverts to its original form—Gemini, twin Celestial Spirits who are able to copy their target’s body, thoughts and abilities. When Lucy tries to summon Aquarius, Angel summons Scorpio, who turns out to be Aquarius’ boyfriend. The two Spirits got off; Angel tells Lucy that relationships between Spirits are important. Lucy summons Leo (Loke) and Angel summons Aries, Karen’s Spirit, and reminds Lucy of the Spirits’ relationships. Angel claims that she was the one who killed Karen, which enraged Hibiki, her boyfriend. Hibiki, who is falling under Nirvana, tries to stop himself. Driven by pride, Leo and Aries fight, until they were shot by Angel’s Caelum. Angel summons Gemini again, who take the form of Lucy, as Lucy summons Taurus. After Lucy loses almost all of her power, Lucy begs Angel to release Aries. Angel agrees, in exchange of her life. As Angel commands Gemini so, Gemini refuses, knowing Lucy’s true feelings. Hibiki, who was almost eaten by darkness, enters the scene, and through Archive, gives Lucy knowledge of a powerful spell, Uranometria. Lucy uses it unconsciously to defeat Angel.
59 “Reminiscing Jellal”
“Tsuioku no Jerāru” (追憶のジェラール)
December 20, 2010
Angel takes one more chance to defeat Lucy, until her last spirit Caelum abandons her, and she falls. Lucy tries to get Natsu off the raft but is pulled down the stream, into a giant waterfall. Meanwhile, Wendy tells Charle about her past and how Jellal is tied into it and how she entered Caitshelter. Erza arrived in the Nirvana’s place and finds Jellal, only to find out he has lost his memory. Jellal stated he had put self-destruction magic on Nirvana, because he believes this magic is too dangerous to fall into anyone’s hands. Cobra revealed himself and tried to dispel the self-destruction magic in vain. Natsu and Lucy woke up, only to find themselves in new clothes, as Virgo dressed them while they are asleep. They noticed that Nirvana’s light became white. As Lucy wonders how Virgo opened her gate by herself, Sherry arrives and attacked them under the influence of Nirvana. Gray tackles down Sherry. Lyon also arrives with Racer’s body and narrates how he survived the bomb lacrima. Happy, unfrozen from the ice, tries to wake up Hibiki. Jellal, who was depressed by hurting his friends, puts a self-destruction magic circle on himself, believing it will erase Erza’s pain created by him.
60 “March to Destruction”
“Hametsu no Kōshin” (破滅の行進)
December 27, 2010
Jellal has cast a self-destruction magic circle on himself! He thought he would be able to destroy Nirvana that way. However, Brain of Oracion Seis suddenly appears, removes the self-destruction magic circle easily… and Nirvana is finally reborn! Nirvana, ruled by wickedness… Soon darkness will rise over the world… But everyone’s hopes are still connected! Natsu and the others refuse to give up, and challenge the darkness of Oracion Seis!
61 “Super Aerial Battle! Natsu vs. Cobra”
“Chōkūchūsen! Natsu vs. Kobura” (超空中戦! ナツvs.コブラ)
January 10, 2011
Natsu and Cobra’s battle commences and natsu finds it difficult to land hits as Cobra is able to predict all of his moves. However, after a few tries, he is able to land a punch after he realises that cobra can’t read his mind if he is battling on instict. However, as things start to heat up, Cobra reveals his new generation “Poison” dragon slayer powers (similar to Laxus). Soon Natsu looses his mobility due to the effects of the poison and the battle seems to be going Cobra’s way until at the last moment, Natsu uses a deafening roar which inflicts damage on Cobra and ends the fight.
62 “Jura, the Tenth Saint”
“Seiten no Jura” (聖十のジュラ)
January 17, 2011
Jura displays his true power and shows why he is one of the ten wizard saints. He battles with Brain, the leader of Oracion Seis and in a short battle defeats him. On the other hand Hot-Eye is winning his battle against Midnight and soon completely beats him. As Brain is about to fall unconcious, he thinks about his prayer – that Midnight should never disappear. And with that Midnight is shown to be revived and then crushes Hot-Eye in an instant saying that magic doesn’t affect him. Natsu and the others wonder how they will be able to stop Nirvana from moving towards Cait Shelter.
63 “It is Your Words”
“Kimi no Kotoba Koso” (君の言葉こそ)
January 24, 2011
Midnight fights a battle with Erza and Jellal. Being weakened from the destruction magic, Jellal loses the fight easily. After initially being overwhelmed, Erza figures out the true form of Midnight’s magic and prepares to fight him again. Mean while Wendy searches for Jellal in order to find the necessary information that will help Natsu and the others stop Nirvana.
64 “Zero”
“Zero” (ゼロ)
January 31, 2011
Erza manages to overcome Midnight’s illusory magic, while Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy confront Brain’s staff, Klodoa. Realizing Midnight’s defeat, Klodoa explains that Brain has an alternate destructive personality called Zero that was kept sealed by the members of the Oración Seis using body link magic. The seal is released and Zero emerges and defeats Natsu, Grey, Lucy and Happy with ease. Erza, Jellal, Wendy and Charle make haste as Zero initiates Nirvana to fire upon Cait Shelter.
65 “From Pegasus to The Fairies”
“Tenma Kara Yōsei-tachi e” (天馬から妖精たちへ)
February 7, 2011
As Zero fires on Nirvana, Blue Pegasus’s ship Christina, held together by Lyon, Sherry, and Ren, destroy one of Nirvana’s legs and cause it to miss. Hibiki relays the details of the plan to stop Nirvana: within 20 minutes, the six legs of Nirvana must be destroyed at the same time. As Natsu goes to the location of first Lacrima to fight Zero, Jellal follows him after regaining some of his memory.
66 “The Power of Feelings”
“Omoi no Chikara” (想いの力)
February 14, 2011
Having told Wendy to destroy the sixth Lacrima in his place, Jellal appears at the first Lacrima and gives Natsu the “Flame of Guilt”. Natsu consumes the flame and enters Dragon Force for his fight against Zero and they power up for the final blow. Meanwhile, everyone reaches their respective destinations and wait for the right moment to strike.
67 “I’m With You”
“Watashi ga Tsuiteru” (私がついている)
February 21, 2011
As everyone gathers their strength for the final blow, Natsu is consumed by Zero’s “Genesis Zero” attack. As he floats in the world of nothing, Igneel’s voice speaks to him and he breaks free, defeating Zero and manages to destroy Nirvana’s legs along with his allies, resulting in Nirvana’s destruction.
68 “A Guild for the Sake of a Single Person”
“Tatta Hitori no Tame no GIRUDO” (たった一人の為のギルド)
February 28, 2011
Agents from the government dispatched to the site of Nirvana’s fall arrest Jellal; while everyone else resists, Erza stops them and urges the officials to take Jellal away, though she is devastated by the outcome. As everyone recovers at Caitshelter, it is revealed that the entire guild was an illusion created by the spirit of the guild master for Wendy’s sake. With Nirvana’s destruction, his spirit has fulfilled its purpose and Caitshelter vanishes. As Wendy is left behind crying, and Erza invites her to join Fairy Tail.
69 “Call of the Dragon”
“Ryū no Izanai” (竜の誘い)
March 7, 2011
After saying goodbye to the Alliance the group returns to Fairy Tail, where Wendy and Carla get a warm welcome from their new guild. Erza encounters a mage with Requip magic similar to hers, while Gray tells Natsu that a woman named Daphne says that she met a dragon. Natsu and Wendy go the Inn where she lives but get caught in a trap arranged by Daphne. After trying to escape Gray suddenly comes in and challegenes Natsu to their ultimate fight.
70 “Natsu vs. Gray!”
“Natsu vs. Gurei!!” (ナツvs.グレイ!!)
March 15, 2011
Gray and Natsu are fighting with all their power while everyone at Fairy Tail begin to worry. When Erza and Lucy decided to go and find their freinds, they encounter beasts that mimic their abilities. When Natsu is finally caught, Daphne reveals a handmade dragon designed to drain Natsu’s power.
71 “Friendship Will Overcome the Dead”
“Tomo ha Shikabane wo Koete” (友は屍を越えて)
March 21, 2011
As Daphne absorbs Natsu’s magical power, Erza and other members of Fairy Tail fight their doppelgangers. Meanwhile, Gray must face the consequences of betraying Fairy Tail. When Natsu recalls how he promised to defeat anyone who control dragons, he resolves to die with the dragon to save his friends.
72 “Fairy Tail Wizards”
“Fearī Teiru no Madōshi” (フェアリーテイルの魔導士)
March 28, 2011
With Natsu still inside the artificial dragon, Fairy Tail’s dilemna becomes whether to save Natsu or destroy the dragon in order to prevent Magnolia’s destruction. When Makarov learns the reason behind why Gray betrayed Fairy Tail, he provides Gray with a plan that will save Natsu and Magnolia.
73 “Rainbow Sakura”
“Niji no Sakura” (虹の桜)
April 4, 2011
When Lucy catches a cold after a mission in the mountains with Natsu and their friends, she is unable to go to Fairy Tail’s annual flower watching. Because Natsu can’t have fun knowing Lucy has been left out, he and Happy uproot a cherry tree so that Lucy can see it.
74 “Wendy’s First Big Job!?”
“Wendi, Hajimete no ōshigoto!?” (ウェンディ、 初めての大仕事!?)
April 11, 2011
For Wendy’s first big job, she finds work at the theatre troupe that once hired Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Lucy. However, a fight with Carla means that she is going to Onibus alone. When her friends learn the train to Onibus isn’t working, everyone rushes to help Wendy. When they all arrive in Onibus, they learn that their services were not needed and collapse in exhaustion; Wendy’s first big job becomes moving her friends out of the way.
75 “The 24-Hour Endurance Road Race”
“24 Jikantaikyū Rōdoresu” (24時間耐久ロードレース)
April 16, 2011
A 24 hour race begins as all the Fairy Tail members race to get Wyvern Scales from the top of Mt. Ivor and return to the starting line. No one is allowed to drop out and flying magic is not permitted, though that doesn’t dampen Happy’s determination to win.
76 “Gildarts”
“Girudātsu” (ギルダーツ)
April 23, 2011
Gildarts has finally come back to Fairy Tail after three years on a hundred year quest and has news for Natsu concerning Igneel.
77 “Earthland”
“Āsu Rando” (アースランド)
April 30, 2011
Wendy finally meets Mystogan, whom she had known as Jellal in her childhood. In spite of his best efforts, he reveals he is unable to stop Anima, a powerful magic that will destroy all of Magnolia. As Wendy warn Fairy Tail of its impending demise, light shines down from the sky and the city disappears, leaving only Wendy, Natsu, Happy, and Carla behind.
78 “Edolas”
“Edorasu” (エドラス)
May 7, 2011
After the disappearance of Magnolia and Fairy Tail, Carla reveals that everything has been taken to an alternate world – Edolas, where she and Happy originally came from. Because Natsu and Wendy are Dragonslayers, they were immune to the Anima were regarded as a threat to Edolas; thus, Carla and Happy were sent to destroy them. Determined to rescue their friends, Natsu, Wendy, and Happy follow Carla’s lead to reach Edolas, where they discover the Edolas version of Fairy Tail.
79 “Fairy Hunting”
“Yōsei Gari” (妖精狩り)
May 14, 2011
Natsu, Wendy, Carla and Happy are stunned to discover a very different version of Fairy Tail in Edolas, but it is clear that they are not the same Fairy Tail they know and love. However, before any questions can be answered, the Edolas Fairy Tail is attacked by Fairy Hunter, Erza Knightwalker.
80 “Key of Hope”
“Kibō no Kagi” (希望の鍵)
May 21, 2011
After a narrow escape from Erza Knightwalker, Natsu’s group decides to head to the capital of Edolas on their own to save their friends, despite warnings from the Edolas Fairy Tail. However, they soon find themselves guided by Lucy Ashley, Lucy’s Edolas counterpart, and Natsu and Wendy are shocked to discover that their magic does not work in Edolas.
81 “Fireball”
“Faiabōru” (ファイアボール)
May 28, 2011
In the capital, Natsu and Wendy are surprised to find their Lucy alive and fully capable of using her magic. After Edolas Lucy and Earthland Lucy become acquainted with one another, Natsu’s group escapes from the Royal Army and takes refuge in a hotel. When their plan to sneak aboard a Royal Army airship fails, they are saved by the timely arrival of the driver of a 4-wheeled vehicle – the Edolas version of Natsu.
82 “Welcome Home”
“Okaerinasaimase” (おかえりなさいませ)
June 4, 2011
Natsu and his friends reach the Royal City, where an enormous Lacrima made of the magical energy of Magnolia is on display. To save their friends, Carla reveals that she has had information about Edolas flowing into her head since they arrived, and the group devises a plan based on getting close to the King of Edolas and having Lucy use Gemini to learn how to transform the Lacrima back. Their plan is foiled when they are ambushed by Erza Knightwalker, whose forces exalt Happy and Carla as beings known as “Exceeds.”
83 “Extalia”
“Ekusutaria” (エクスタリア)
June 11, 2011
Because Natsu and Wendy are Dragonslayers, they are locked up and wind up discovering a secret about the Exceed. Happy and Carla are brought to Extalia, the home of the Exceed, and learn the reason why they were sent to Earthland in the first place. Meanwhile, Edolas Gajeel plans a distraction so Earthland Gajeel can attempt to destory the lacrima that holds his friends.
84 “Fly! To Your Friends!”
“Tobe! Tomo no Moto ni!” (飛べ! 友のもとに!)
June 18, 2011
After hearing about their mission, Happy and Carla run away from Extalia and end up with two mysterious cats, Lucky and Marla, whose egg had been taken by the queen to be used in the Dragonslayer Extermination Project. Though they are shaken by what they think they have done, they resolve to save their friends.
85 “Code ETD”
“Kōdo ETD” (コードETD)
June 25, 2011
When Lucy tries to appeal to Erza Knightwalker to save her friends, Erza Knightwalker attempts to kill her by dropping Lucy out of a tower, though Lucy is saved by Happy and Carla’s timely arrival. When the magic-crazed King activates Code ETD (Exceed Total Destruction) on the Exceeds that were pursuing Carla and Happy, they are turned into Lacrima. Erza ambushes Lucy, Happy, and Carla, but the Earthland Erza and Gray suddenly appear to save their comrades.
86 “Erza vs. Erza”
“Erza vs. Erza” (エルザ vs. エルザ)
July 2, 2011
While Erza Scarlet holds off Erza Knightwalker, Lucy and the others go to rescue Natsu and Wendy, while Happy is sent to find Gajeel, as Dragonslayers are inherently able to reverse the magic that transformed everyone else into lacrima. However, Gajeel’s attempt to free everyone is hindered by the Exceed Pantherlily, a captain of the Edolas Army. The King begins his plan to use the Dragon Chain Cannon to fuse the Magnolia lacrima into Extalia and destroy them together so that magic can rain upon Edolas forever.
87 “It’s Life!!!!”
“Inochi Darō ga!!!!” (命だろーが!!!!)
July 9, 2011
Natsu, Gray, and Lucy’s attempt to reach the King of Edolas is held up by the Royal Army Captains Hughes and Sugarboy. When the servant Coco steals the key to the Dragon Chain Cannon to save Pantherlily and Extalia, she is pursued by the Royal Army’s Chief of Staff Byro and runs into Lucy, fleeing from monsters. As Coco considers giving the key to Lucy, Lucy and Byro engage in battle.
88 “The Great River of Stars is for Pride”
“Hoshi no Taiga wa Hokori no Tame ni” (星の大河は誇りの為に)
July 16, 2011
After Lucy calls multiple spirits in a row to fight Byro her magic is quickly drained, though Virgo gives Lucy a Spirit World whip that can extend and contract to help in the fight. When Byro is defeated by the timely arrival of Natsu, Coco gives the key to Lucy, but it is stolen by Sugarboy, forcing Gray to pursue him.
89 “The Doomsday Dragon Chain Cannon”
“Shūen no Ryūsahō” (終焉の竜鎖砲)
July 23, 2011
Gray defeats Sugarboy and destroys the key after learning its purpose, as he can create another key from ice. However, Erza Knightwalker captures both Gray and Natsu and brings them before the king, whom she quickly takes hostage, revealing herself as Erza Scarlet. Erza’s plan to force the guards to redirect the cannon goes awry when the real Erza Knightwalker appears.
90 “The Boy Back Then”
“Ano Toki no Shōnen” (あの時の少年)
July 30, 2011
The queen of the Exceed reveals that her divine image was a lie perpetuated by the Elders to protect the Exceed from humans, but her inner strength convinces the Exceed to try to save Extalia with their own strength. When the lacrima suddenly disappears, Mystogan arrives to explain that he has restored Magnolia and thanks Panther Lily for saving his life while Lily reveals Mystogan is Prince Jellal of Edolas.
91 “Dragon Sense”
August 6, 2011
The Earthland wizards succeed in preventing Extalia’s demise, but the battle is not over. Erza Knightwalker leads an ambushed by the Edolas Royal Army, while King Faust unleashes a super-powerful mechanical dragon, Dorma Anim. The Dragon Slayers confront the king, Erza Scarlet faces off against Knightwalker, the others battle the army while Mystogan and Pantherlily attend to other matters.
92 “Those Who Are Alive”
“Ikiru Monotachi yo” (生きる者たちよ)
August 13, 2011
The battles against the Edolas Royal Kingdom rages on. The army, Knightwalker and the king himself are all fighting against the Earth Land wizards who wish to recover their friends. Meanwhile, Edolas Fairy Tail tries to come to a decision on which side they’ll choose.
93 “I’m Standing Here”
“Ore wa Koko ni Tatteiru” (オレはここに立っている)
August 20, 2011
In the midst of the exhausting battle between the Edolas army and the members of Fairy Tail in both worlds, the Edolas combatants panic upon realizing their magic is disappearing thanks to Mystogan reversing Anima. However, to ensure the stability of Edolas, Mystogan declares himself a villain to Edolas and orders Pantherlily to kill him and emerge as a hero amongst the people.
94 “Bye-bye, Edolas”
“Baibai Edorasu” (バイバイ エドラス)
August 27, 2011
Out of devotion, Pantherlily refuses to accept Mystogan’s plan, but they soon find that Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel have captured King Faust and begun a riot. When Mystogan confronts Natsu and defeats him, Mystogan is revealed to be the Prince of Edolas to the people. As the reversed Anima takes all the Earthland wizards and the Exceed to Earth, everyone says their goodbyes while Mystogan remains behind, heralded as the new leader of Edolas.
95 “Lisanna”
“Risāna” (リサーナ)
September 3, 2011
On Earthland, the queen of the Exceed reveals that Exceed eggs had been sent to Earth to save them after she foresaw that Extalia would fall; Carla, possessing the same powers, had mistaken these visions as a mission. When the Exceed leave to find the remaining eggs, Panther Lily remains behind to be Gajeel’s partner and to honour Mystogan’s dedication to Fairy Tail. However, Panther Lily has brought them an unusual captive: Lisanna, who explains she is actually Earthland’s Lisanna.
96 “That Which Erases Life”
“Inochi o Kesumono” (生命(いのち)を消す者)
September 10, 2011
The aftermath of Natsu and his friends’ adventures in Edolas is revealed: Edolas Fairy Tail moves closer to the kingdom to help rebuild the destroyed city, while Mystogan banishes the repentant Faust and sentences the remaining members of the Royal Army to assist with repairing the city. In Earthland, Lisanna returns to Earthland’s Fairy Tail while Natsu and his friends tell the other guild members about their adventures in Edolas. Meanwhile, a young black-haired man is shown living in a forest where he causes all living things around him to die against his will, and says he wants to see Natsu.
97 “Best Partner”
“Besuto Pātonā” (ベストパートナー)
September 17, 2011
The members of Fairy Tail prepare for an annual exam that will promote the one who passes into an S-Class wizard. Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Elfman, Cana, Fried, Levy, and Mest (a man who claims to be Mystogan’s disciple) are selected as the latest participants and instructed to choose a partner to accompany them during the exam. Natsu partners with Happy, Gray with Loke (who temporarily nullifies his contract with Lucy to do so), Juvia with Lisanna, Elfman with Evergreen, Fried with Bickslow, Levy with Gajeel, and Mest with Wendy. During this time, Cana tells Lucy that she intends to leave the guild if she fails the exam, stating that she has failed it four times before. She reveals her reasons for doing so to Lucy, who offers to become Cana’s partner. Meanwhile, Carla has brief glimpses of disastrous events in the future, one of which includes the black-haired youth from the forest.
98 “Who’s the One with the Good Luck?”
“Un ga ii no wa Dare?” (運がいいのは誰?)
September 24, 2011
The exam participants arrive at Tenrou Island, Fairy Tail’s holy ground, where they each take one of eight routes that will lead to the next stage of the exam. Most of these routes either pit the participants against each other or one of Fairy Tail’s S-Class wizards (Erza, Mirajane, and Gildarts), who they must defeat in order to advance. Lucy and Cana are pitted against Fried and Bickslow, who they fear they stand no chance against, but Fried throws the battle by pretending to be distracted by their swimsuits, allowing Cana to defeat him by creating illusions of scantily dressed women. Meanwhile, Natsu takes the route he believes will pit him against Erza, but is ecstatic to find Gildarts waiting for him instead.
99 “Natsu vs. Gildarts”
“Natsu vs. Girudātsu” (ナツ vs. ギルダーツ)
October 1, 2011
Juvia and Lisanna are pitted against Erza, while Elfman and Evergreen are pitted against Mirajane. Meanwhile, Natsu enthusiastically fights Gildarts, with a series of flashbacks detailing how Natsu had never once been able to defeat him since childhood. Just when Natsu believes he has gained the upper hand, Gildarts unleashes an immense aura of magical power, prompting Natsu to surrender in fear. Gildarts teaches Natsu the benefits that fear has in order for him to grow stronger, and passes him.
100 “Mest”
“Mesuto” (メスト)
October 8, 2011
After being defeated by Gray and Loke, Mest convinces Wendy to help him look for a secret he claims to be hidden on the island. Worried about Wendy, Carla arrives on Tenrou Island together with Pantherlily, who doubts Mest’s claims of being Mystogan’s disciple and suspects that Mest may not be a member of Fairy Tail. Meanwhile, Levy and Gajeel pass through the only route devoid of opponents, Elfman and Evergreen defeat Mirajane, and Juvia and Lisanna lose against Erza. For the second part of the exam, the remaining participants are instructed by Makarov to search the island for the grave of Mavis, Fairy Tail’s first master, within six hours. During their search, Elfman and Evergreen encounter the black-haired youth, who unwillingly unleashes a wave of lethal magic, though Natsu arrives in time to save his friends.
101 “Black Wizard”
“Kuro Madōshi” (黒魔導士)
October 15, 2011
Natsu attacks the black-haired youth to no effect, causing the youth to despair that Natsu is not strong enough to defeat him. The youth unleashes another wave of death magic against Natsu and disappears, but Natsu is protected from the attack by his scarf, which turns black. Despite the encounter, the participants continue their exam as usual. Meanwhile, the most powerful dark guild of the Balam Alliance, Grimoire Heart, approaches Tenrou Island in search of the youth, who is revealed to be the ancient wizard Zeref. Levy, who separates from Gajeel after arguing with him, is attacked by Grimoire Heart members Yomazu and Kawazu. Gajeel rescues her, and the two prepare to fight against their attackers.
102 “Soul of Iron”
“Tetsu no Tamashii” (鉄の魂)
October 22, 2011
Gajeel and Levy fight Yomazu and Kawazu, who reveal they are merely scouting the island for their more powerful guildmates. Though seriously wounded, Gajeel sends Levy to warn Fairy Tail of Grimoire Heart’s attack and defeats the two scouts. While searching for Wendy together with Juvia, Erza finds Levy and lights a beacon signifying the exam’s suspension and the enemy attack. Meanwhile, Carla and Pantherlily confront Mest over his identity.
103 “Makarov Charges”
“Shingeki no Makarofu” (進撃のマカロフ)
October 29, 2011
Mest is revealed to be a member of the Magic Council sent to Tenrou Island to search for incriminating evidence against Fairy Tail and disband it. He, Wendy, Carla, and Pantherlily are attacked and defeated by Azuma, one of Grimoire Heart’s most powerful members, the Seven Kin of Purgatory, who easily destroys the fleet of council ships Mest had summoned for support. Makarov attempts to cast Fairy Law to repel Grimoire Heart, but the dark guild’s master Hades counters the spell with Grimoire Law. Makarov recognizes Hades as Purehito, his predecessor as the master of Fairy Tail.
104 “Lost Magic”
“Rosuto Majikku” (失われた魔法(ロスト・マジック))
November 5, 2011
Makarov is defeated and gravely wounded in his battle against Hades, which is sensed by the wandering Laxus. Meanwhile, the other members of Fairy Tail battle Grimoire Heart’s army. Joining the battle are the Seven Kin of Purgatory, each of whom possess an ancient form of magic called Lost Magic. Natsu faces Zancrow, one of the Seven Kin who can create black flames Natsu is unable to eat.
105 “Fire Dragon vs. Flame God”
“Karyū vs. Enjin” (火竜 vs. 炎神)
November 12, 2011
Natsu is overwhelmed by Zancrow’s God Slayer magic, which proves superior to his own Dragon Slayer magic. Upon finding Makarov badly injured during his fight, Natsu regains his resolve and defeats Zancrow by nullifying his own magical power, allowing him to eat Zancrow’s flames and combine their power with his own. Meanwhile, Lucy, Cana, Gray, and Loke fight Caprico, another member of the Seven Kin, while Mirajane and Lisanna fight Azuma.
106 “The World of Great Magic”
“Dai Mahō Sekai” (大魔法世界)
November 19, 2011
Azuma learns of Mirajane’s former identity as “the Demon” and straps Lisanna to a time bomb so he can fight Mirajane at full strength. Not wanting to lose Lisanna again, Mirajane sacrifices herself to defend Lisanna from the explosion. The remaining members of Fairy Tail learn from the Seven Kin their true goal: to resurrect Zeref and bring about the World of Great Magic, where only wizards would thrive while the rest of humanity would be subject to hell on earth. Meanwhile, Ultear finds Zeref and, after a brief battle, successfully captures him.
107 “Arc of Embodiment”
“Gugen no Āku” (具現のアーク)
November 26, 2011
Elfman and Evergreen are overwhelmed and defeated by Rustyrose’s Arc of Embodiment, which gives him the power to create anything from his imagination. Meanwhile, Loke recognizes Caprico as the celestial spirit Capricorn, and that he has the power to take control of humans. He sends Lucy, Gray, and Cana away while he fights Caprico, who recognizes Lucy as the daughter of celestial wizard Layla Heartfilia.
108 “Human Gate”
“Ningen no Tobira” (人間の扉)
December 3, 2011
Caprico reveals himself to be a human named Zoldio who fused with Capricorn using his Human Subordination magic. He possesses Loke, but Loke gives his Regulus ring to the newly freed Capricorn, who uses it to free Loke and destroy Zoldio. Meanwhile, Cana suggests to Lucy and Gray that they split up to search for the Seven Kin and defeat them so they can resume the exam. After Lucy determines the location of Mavis’s grave, Cana knocks her out with a sleeping spell and abandons her to find the grave, leading her to be found by Kain Hikaru of the Seven Kin.
109 “Lucy Fire”
“Rūshi Faia” (ルーシィファイア)
December 10, 2011
Lucy and Hikaru’s battle interrupts Natsu’s battle with Ultear, leading Natsu to help Lucy and reform their old team while Ultear leaves with Zeref. Hikaru takes control of Lucy’s body using his voodoo-like cursing magic, which Natsu and Happy take advantage of once they obtain Hikaru’s voodoo doll by lighting it on fire, turning Lucy into a living fireball, and throwing her at Hikaru, defeating him.
110 “Dead-End of Despair”
“Zetsubō no Fukurokōji” (絶望の袋小路)
December 17, 2011
Dranbalt tries to help Natsu and his friends evacuate the island as the Magic Council plans to fire Etherion once again, but they refuse to leave. Meanwhile, Juvia is nearly defeated during her and Erza’s battle against Meldy of the Seven Kin, but regains her will to fight upon hearing Meldy say she wants to kill Gray out of revenge for hurting Ultear, and sends Erza to search for Gray and their friends. Seeing Juvia’s determination to fight for Gray leads Meldy to link both of their physical senses to Gray’s to ensure that he dies no matter who is killed in their battle.
111 “Tears of Love and Vigor”
“Ai to Katsuryoku no Namida” (愛と活力の涙)
December 24, 2011
Juvia refuses to kill Meldy and tries to stop her from killing herself. In doing so, Juvia witnesses Meldy’s happy memories with Ultear through their connected senses and persuades her to stop fighting. Meanwhile, Gray meets Ultear, who claims to be his ally and that her plans for Zeref are part of what her mother Ur wanted. The other members of Fairy Tail encounter Grimoire Heart’s remaining forces: Erza faces off against Azuma; a weakened Levy, Lisanna, and Pantherlily against Rustyrose; and Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy against Grimoire Heart’s massively powerful deputy commander Bluenote Stinger.
112 “The Words I Couldn’t Say”
“Ienakatta Hitokoto” (言えなかった一言)
January 7, 2012
Cana finds Mavis’s grave and reflects on her reasons for becoming an S-Class wizard: her father is revealed to be Gildarts, who is unaware of his relationship with her, leading Cana to decide to become an S-Class wizard and bolster her own confidence to reveal the truth to him. However, Cana realizes that she had also betrayed Lucy in her determination to become S-Class. Wracked with guilt, Cana takes the Fairy Glitter spell from the grave and uses an enchanted card leading her to Lucy as she and her friends are attacked by Bluenote. She tries to perform the spell on Bluenote, but fails. However, she is saved when Gildarts arrives and attacks Bluenote.
113 “The Tenrou Tree”
“Tenrō-ju” (天狼樹)
January 14, 2012
Gildarts fights Bluenote while Fried and Bickslow, who returned to Tenrou Island together with him, help Levy, Lisanna, and Pantherlily to fight Rustyrose. Meanwhile, Azuma reveals to Erza that he has used his magic, the Great Tree Arc, to absorb the magic-giving energy of the island’s giant Tenrou Tree, destroying it and draining the strength of all the Fairy Tail members on the island except Erza.
114 “Erza vs. Azuma”
“Eruza vs. Azuma” (エルザ vs. アズマ)
January 21, 2012
Erza makes Azuma promise to return her guild’s magical power if she defeats him. She herself is nearly defeated when Azuma uses the Tenrou Tree’s magic, but receives her second wind upon hearing Jellal’s voice and, drawing power from the tree’s magic, cuts Azuma down.
115 “Frozen Spirit”
“Kogoeru Tōshi” (凍える闘志)
January 28, 2012
Azuma transforms into a tree as a result of overusing his Great Tree Ark, but makes good on his promise to Erza and returns the guild’s magical power, giving Gildarts, Fried and Bickslow enough strength to defeat Bluenote and Rustyrose. Meanwhile, Ultear tells Gray that the only spell that can defeat Hades is Iced Shell. She then takes Zeref and returns to Meldy, revealing to her that she is actually trying to manipulate Gray into defeating Hades for her so she can keep Zeref for herself. However, Gray is unfooled by her deception and, catching onto her true motives, challenges her.
116 “The Power of Life”
“Seinaru Chikara” (生なる力)
February 4, 2012
Ultear reveals to Gray during their battle that her mother Ur left her as a child at a magic facility, where she was cruelly experimented on. She eventually escaped to return to her mother, only to find that she had seemingly replaced her with Gray and Lyon. The two then fall into the ocean, where Ur’s ice body had drifted out from Galuna Island, allowing Ultear to experience her past from her mother’s memory: Ur had actually left Ultear at the facility to save her life, but the facility’s corrupt doctors lied to Ur by telling her that her daughter had died. Realizing that her mother truly loved her, Ultear admits defeat to Gray.
117 “Thunder Roar”
“Raimei Hibiku” (雷鳴響く)
February 11, 2012
Juvia chases Meldy as she carries Zeref before they run into Zancrow, who takes Zeref and cruelly reveals to Meldy that Ultear was responsible for destroying her home. Suddenly, Zeref awakens, uttering the name “Acnologia”, and unleashes a deadly wave of magic that kills Zancrow and knocks out Juvia and Meldy. Overhearing the commotion, Dranbalt warns the rest of the Magic Council troops and retreat from the island. Meanwhile, Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy, Carla, and Lily regroup with Gray and Erza. The exceeds infiltrate the Grimoire Heart airship to destroy its power source while the others take on Hades directly. Despite them fighting at full strength, Hades is unfazed by their attacks and prepares to kill Natsu, but is stopped by the timely arrival of Laxus.
118 “The Man Without the Mark”
“Monshō o Kizamanu Otoko” (紋章を刻まぬ男)
February 18, 2012
Laxus furiously battles Hades to avenge Makarov. Their fight rages until Hades gravely injures Laxus, so he transfers his own lightning magic to Natsu and tells him to defeat Hades. Meanwhile, the rest of the uninjured Fairy Tail members defend their wounded master and friends from Kain Hikaru, Kawazu, and Yomazu.
119 “The Deepest Realm”
“Shin’en no Ryōiki” (深淵の領域)
February 25, 2012
Despite using Laxus’s lightning power to its fullest, Natsu’s attacks continue to have no effect on Hades. Rather, Hades awakens the true depths of his magic power before the powerless Fairy Tail wizards, immobilizing them with fear. However, Natsu bolsters his friends with the same words of courage Gildarts had given them, and leads them in one final assault against Hades. Meanwhile, Happy, Carla, and Pantherlily stumble across a mechanical heart on the ship and try to destroy it.
120 “Dawn on Tenrou Island”
“Akatsuki no Tenrō-jima” (暁の天狼島)
March 2, 2012
The mechanical heart Happy and Carla destroy turns out to be giving Hades his power. Ultear uses her magic for good to return the Tenrou Tree to its original state, allowing Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, and Laxus to finally defeat the now powerless Hades. Makarov and the other injured guildmates return and order Grimoire Heart to leave Tenrou Island. As the Fairy Tail wizards celebrate and recover from their fight, Hades and the other defeated Grimoire Heart members discover Zeref on their ship.
121 “The Right to Love”
“Ai Suru Shikaku” (愛する資格)
March 9, 2012
Zeref reveals to Hades that he had never been asleep to begin with, making Grimoire Heart’s efforts to reawaken him pointless. Accusing Hades of summoning the dragon called Acnologia through his guild’s actions, Zeref kills him. Ultear, meanwhile, confesses to Meldy about destroying her hometown and tries to drown herself out of guilt, but Meldy rescues and forgives her. On Tenrou Island, Makarov postpones the S-Class exam because of the battle, and Cana finally tells Gildarts that she is his daughter. As this happens, Acnologia forebodingly flies towards Tenrou Island as Zeref watches in alarm.
122 “Hold Hands”
“Te o Tsunagō” (手をつなごう)
March 16, 2012
Acnologia appears on Tenrou Island and begins destroying everything in sight. Makarov tries to hold Acnologia off for his guild to escape, but they refuse to let their master die and help him fight the dragon. Everyone holds hands with one another to try and cast a defensive spell against Acnologia’s breath attack, which seemingly obliterates the island. Seven years pass with the Fairy Tail members on the island missing and presumed dead.
123 “Fairy Tail, X791″
“X791-nen Fearī Teiru” (X791年・妖精の尻尾(フェアリーテイル))
March 23, 2012
With their strongest members gone for seven years, the Fairy Tail guild has become the weakest wizards’ guild in Fiore, indebted to and bullied by Twilight Ogre, a new local guild. The remaining Fairy Tail members are visited by Ichiya and the Tri-men of Blue Pegasus, who tell them that they have recently discovered a change in the magical energy around the waters where Tenrou Island once stood. There they discover that the island was protected against Acnologia’s attack by the spirit of Mavis Vermilion, who used her power to help everyone on the island cast the defensive Fairy Sphere spell that inadvertently caused them to be frozen in time for seven years. The missing members return to their guild, drive the members of Twilight Ogre away, and reunite with their friends.
124 “The Seven-Year Gap”
“Kūhaku no Shichi-nen” (空白の7年)
March 31, 2012
The members of Lamia Scale visit Fairy Tail as they celebrate their friends’ return. Gray learns from Lyon what had happened to Ultear and Meldy over the past seven years, while Erza learns the same about Jellal. Makarov, Erza, and Mirajane later visit the Twilight Ogre guild and take revenge for being bullied by them. Meanwhile, Lucy is kicked out of her house for being unable to pay her rent for seven years. She decides to visit her father, only to learn he had died one month before she and her friends returned from Tenrou Island. She is allowed to return to her house by her landlady, who reveals to her seven years worth of birthday presents and rent money from her father, who had also left a letter detailing his unwavering hope that she was alive. Realizing her father truly loved her, Lucy admits her own love for her father.
125 “Magical Ball”
“Mahō Butōkai” (魔法舞踏会)
April 7, 2012
Natsu, Lucy, and their friends take a job to capture Velveno, an escaped convict with the power to transform into other people and mimic their magic, who plans to attend a ball held by the wealthy Count Balsamico for his daughter Aceto to find a husband. It is assumed by the count that Velveno is there to steal the valuable Balsamico family ring. The Fairy Tail members fail to capture him before he obtains the ring, but he instead uses it to propose to Aceto as he is in love with her. Aceto accepts his proposal on the condition that he turn himself in for his crimes, which he does, though it costs Fairy Tail their reward for the job.
126 “The Truly Evil Jiggle Butt Gang”
“Shin no Waru Ketsupuri-dan” (真の悪ケツプリ団)
April 14, 2012
Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy keep watch over a gold-carrying train, which is hijacked by a trio of large-buttocked thieves called the Jiggle Butt Gang. The three use Natsu’s motion sickness to their advantage to get rid of Lucy, Happy, and Carla, leaving Wendy the only one able to defend the train’s cargo. She manages to impress them with her powers and tries to talk them out of their thieving ways, but once the train stops and Natsu recovers, Natsu sends them flying before she has a chance.
127 “The Terror of Invisible Lucy!”
“Tōmei Rūshii no Kyōfu!” (透明ルーシィの恐怖!)
April 21, 2012
Lucy bathes with a magical lotion she created seven years ago, only to find that its effects have changed over the years to turn her entire body invisible. She turns to her friends for help, but their attempts to make her visible again by painting on her and masking her fail. Eventually the lotion’s effects become so severe that they cause Lucy to disappear together with everyone’s memories of her as if she had never existed. Fortunately, Natsu is able to remember his friendship with Lucy, allowing everyone to recall her back into existence. As Happy hugs Lucy in joy, however, she accidentally spills the lotion bottle over everyone else, turning all of them invisible.
128 “Father’s Memento”
“Chichi no Ihin” (父の遺品)
April 28, 2012
Michelle, a girl claiming to be Lucy’s relative, visits Fairy Tail and gives Lucy a briefcase containing a large metalic rod, which she says is a memento from Lucy’s late father. Because Michelle is an orphan and has nowhere else to go, Lucy takes Michelle in and suggests she start working at Fairy Tail. While adjusting to life at the guild, Michelle suggests that Lucy send a request to investigate the key. After Michelle accidentally drops the rod, it levitates into the air and a set of glowing symbols appears upon it. Makarov becomes suspicious and warns Lucy not to involve herself with the rod any further, though Lucy remains determined to find out what her father asked of her.
129 “Raging Battle! Natsu vs. Laxus”
“Dotō no Taiketsu! Natsu vs. Rakusasu” (怒涛の対決! ナツ vs. ラクサス)
May 5, 2012
Natsu and Gajeel challenge the still-exiled Laxus to a fight. Wendy suggests they have a showdown the next day in the hopes that they will calm down and lose interest, but it only excites the rest of the guild, who hold a festival for it. Almost as soon as their battle starts, however, Laxus beats Natsu with a single punch and Gajeel runs away in fear. While the rest of the town searches for Gajeel, the guild is visited by three figures resembling Hughes, Sugarboy, and Coco from Edolas. Meanwhile, Lucy decodes the writing on the rod with Levy’s help and discovers that it is the hand of a legendary clock.
130 “Targeted Lucy”
“Nerawareta Rūshii” (狙われたルーシィ)
May 12, 2012
The three visiting wizards, who turn out to be the Earthland counterparts of Hughes (a woman named Mary Hughes), Sugar Boy, and Coco, battle Fairy Tail and demand to hand Lucy over to them. Michelle passes herself off as Lucy to protect her, prompting the rest of the guild to confuse the three into thinking that all of the females at Fairy Tail are Lucy so she and Michelle can escape. However, Hughes chases the two and forces them off the edge of a cliff.
131 “The Fury of Legion”
“Region no Mōi” (レギオンの猛威)
May 19, 2012
Byro Cracy and his team are revealed to be members of the Legion Corps, a group of crusaders who seek the clock hand in Lucy’s possession for the Archbishop of Zentopia. Gray, Erza, and Gildarts help their guildmates friends battle the Legion Corps, but Mary Hughes manages to obtain the clock hand from Lucy and lights a signal for her team to retreat.
132 “Key of the Starry Heavens”
“Hoshizora no Kagi” (星空の鍵)
May 26, 2012
Fairy Tail goes to the Heartfilia mansion in search of clues for what Legion wants with the clock hand. They learn that Legion is searching for pieces of the mystical clock following clues from two myths—one myth is the book from which Lucy learned about the clock hand, and the other is an enchanted picture book titled Key of the Starry Heavens. Before they can leave with the book, they are attacked by Legion’s Exceed leader Samuel and his spearman Dan Straight, who shrink Natsu to minuscule size, obtain the book, and memorize its contents before leaving. Meanwhile, Lahar and his men encounter Jackpot, a serial arsonist who is burning down churches.
133 “Traveling Companions”
“Tabi no Nakamatachi” (旅の仲間たち)
June 2, 2012
Following clues from the picture book, the members of Fairy Tail split into groups to search for the remaining pieces of the mystical clock before Legion does. Lucy’s group is approached by a team of archaeologists interested in the clock, who have heard rumors of Fairy Tail’s journey and try to dissuade her. Upon learning her identity and her resolution in following her father’s dying wish, the head archaeologist, who is familiar with Lucy’s father, has a change of heart and uses his team’s magic to return Natsu to his original size. Meanwhile, Lyon also learns of Fairy Tail’s exploits and joins Gray and Juvia.
134 “Labyrinth Rhapsody”
“Meikyū Kyōsōkyoku” (迷宮狂想曲)
June 9, 2012
Natsu and Lucy’s team finds an underground labyrinth in the middle of the desert. They make their way past several booby traps as they descend until they reach a crypt at the bottom, where they encounter Coco and Dan. Meanwhile, Gray’s team uncovers a parallel dimension where one of the clock parts is hidden. Sugar Boy appears before them to take the part, but Gray’s team defeats him.
135 “Footprints of the Myth”
“Shinwa no Ashiato” (神話の足跡)
June 16, 2012
Natsu and Lucy’s team battles Dan and Coco as they search for the clock part in the underground crypt. During their fight, Lucy and Coco are separated from the others, but help each other until they reunite with their comrades. Meanwhile, Gajeel helps Levy and her team search for one of the clock parts in the mountains, while Erza’s team enters an old library where they encounter the Jiggle Butt Gang.
136 “True Evil Revisited”
“Shin no Waru, Futatabi” (真の悪、ふたたび)
June 23, 2012
Natsu has difficulty battling Dan alone due to the power and skill Dan accumulated over seven years. With the help of his friends, however, he defeats Dan and uncovers the clock part in an underground church. Meanwhile, Erza tries disciplining the Jiggle Butt Gang while her teammates find the clock part in the library, and defeats the gang after their flatulence ruins a flower she picked earlier. Concurrently, Samuel confronts Gajeel and his team as they search for the next clock part.
137 “Something Beyond Reckoning”
“Keisan o Koeru Mono” (計算をこえるもの)
June 30, 2012
Pantherlily battles and defeats Samuel as Gajeel’s team retrieves the clock part from an underground chamber. Meanwhile, the Strauss siblings find another clock part and encounter Mary Hughes, while Byro appears before Natsu’s team with the clock hand in his possession.
138 “Where the Crusade Will Lead”
“Seisen no Yukue” (聖戦のゆくえ)
July 7, 2012
Mary Hughes uses her powers to extract Mirajane’s Satan Soul transformation from her body and uses it against her siblings. However, Mirajane uses her forbidden “Halphas” transformation against Satan Soul and defeats Mary Hughes. Meanwhile, Byro reveals to Natsu’s team that Legion is under orders from the archbishop of Zentopia to gather and safeguard the clock parts from a magical guild that seeks to assemble it and form the Infinity Clock. However, Natsu’s team find their motives suspicious and continue to battle him.
139 “The Time Has Begun”
“Ugoki Hajimeta Toki” (動き始めた刻(とき)
July 14, 2012
Byro overpowers Natsu with his ability to nullify all forms of magic, though Natsu and his friends’ determination moves Dan and Coco into rethinking their own motives. Before Byro can defeat Natsu, the rest of the guild members arrive with the remaining clock parts, guided to the crypt when the parts react to each other. However, gathering all six parts in one place causes the Infinity Clock to assemble itself, with a reformed Oración Seis appearing alongside it.
140 “The Reborn Oración Seis Appears!”
“Shinsei Orashion Seisu Arawaru!” ((新生六魔将軍(オラシオンセイス)現る!)
July 21, 2012
Led by Midnight, now calling himself Brain II, the members of the reborn Oración Seis use their new powers to defeat both Fairy Tail and Legion. Fairy Tail is rescued by Blue Pegasus while Oración Seis disappears with the Infinity Clock. Lucy rereads Key of the Starry Heavens and realizes that her father entrusted her with the clock hand to prevent the clock from being constructed. Realizing that they were not supposed to collect the clock parts, Fairy Tail sets out to stop both Oración Seis and the Infinity Clock.
141 “Hunt Down the Infinity Clock”
“Mugen Tokei o Oe” (???????)
July 28, 2012
Fairy Tail learns that Oración Seis is destroying churches as part of their plan to complete the Infinity Clock’s power. Using Cana’s divination, the members of Fairy Tail split into new groups and head out to undestroyed churches where they find members of Legion and Oración Seis waiting for them. Meanwhile, Gildarts and Laki investigate the long-abandoned plantation of Michelle’s family, Legion adds the convict Guttman to their ranks, and Lahar interrogates the Zentopia cardinal Lapointe about Oración Seis’s recent escape from prison.
142 “Battle Discord”
“Tatakai no Fukyowaon” (戦いの不協和音)
August 4, 2012
Lahar enlists the help of Dranbalt, who has retired out of depression over his inability to help Fairy Tail on Tenrou Island. Meanwhile, Natsu and Wendy’s teams face off against Oración Seis’ Jackpot and Grim Reaper (formerly Erigor of Eisenwald), respectively, and Gajeel and Juvia find Guttman and Mary Hughes attacking a church, while Gildarts and Laki investigate a church filled with artificial priests and nuns.
143 “Anti-Link”
“Anchi Rinku” (アンチリンク)
August 11, 2012
Lahar and Dranbalt meet Katja, one of many celestial wizards tasked with guarding an unknown force that Oración Seis is hunting. Racer appears before them and, after fighting Dranbalt, uses a spell called “Anti-Link” to permanently sever Katja’s power, weakening the seal to their target. Meanwhile, Wendy defeats the brainwashed Erigor and restores his memories, Gray and Erza’s teams battle Angel and Cobra, respectively and Gildarts and Loki discover the comatose body of a girl named Michelle, bringing the identity of the “Michelle” with Natsu’s group into question.
144 “Unleashed Despair”
“Tokihanatareta Zetsubo”(解き放たれた絶望)
August 18, 2012
The members of Oración Seis stop fighting Fairy Tail and resume their mission of casting Anti-Links on the celestial wizards hidden in churches, completely lifting the seal on the Infinity Clock’s true form, a massive, clockwork dreadnought. Byro, meanwhile, tells Natsu’s team of his orders from Lapointe to bring Lucy to Zentopia’s archbishop. With Oración Seis’s plan complete, “Michelle” reveals her true identity as a member of Oración Seis, Imitatia, who posed as Lucy’s relative to manipulate Fairy Tail into helping them. She also reveals her authority as archbishop given to her by the real one, forcing Byro to follow her orders, and kidnaps Lucy.
145 “Real Nightmare”
“Riaru Naitomea” (リアルナイトメア)
August 25, 2012
Natsu is imprisoned in Zentopia Cathedral along with The Truly Evil Jiggle Butt Gang, but later manages to break free and brings Coco along as well. Meanwhile, Lucy is pinned into a device while the new Oracion Seis prepares to activate Real Nightmare, the magic that the Infinity Clock contains. The group of archaeologists that Lucy previously encountered, whose leader revealed to be the descendant of Will Neville and an acquaintance of Jude Heartfilia, show up at the guild and ask Fairy Tail to stop the clock. Later, Ichiya comes with the redesigned Christina to bring Erza, Gray, Elfman, Mirajane, Wendy, and Warren to Zentopia Cathedral. Racer appears in the airship and Mirajane decides to battle him. Captain Lahar finds out that the priest who used to visit Oracion Seis in the prison periodically is revealed to be Cardinal Lapointe.
146 “Spiral of Time”
“Toki no Supairaru” (時のスパイラル)
September 1, 2012
The Infinity Clock turns out to be affecting the time state of humans. Mirajane defeats Racer and Ichiya fights Kanaloa, which Byro sends out just as the airship arrives at the Zentopia Cathedral. Natsu and Coco encounters Guttman, but Mary Hughes comes to aid them and decides to take him on by herself. Gildarts and Laki gets to the archbishop’s room first and finds out that the archbishop is controlled by someone. Cardinal Lapointe shows up and when Natsu and Coco comes later, the former states that Lapointe smells the same as Master Zero, the previous leader of Oracion Seis and he is the one who’s controlling the archbishop. Byro overhears this and rushes to face Lapointe off.

147 “To the Infinity Castle!”
“Mugen-jo e!” (無限城へ!)
September 8, 2012
The reason why Lucy is kidnapped is that since the Infinity Clock needs Celestial Spirit wizards to seal it, the one that can control it should be a celestial wizard as well. Led by Coco, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Gajeel, and Elfman set off to the Infinity Castle to defeat the new Oracion Seis in order to change the ownership of the clock, so they can stop it and save Lucy. However, Cobra, Angel, and Midnight interfere, causing Erza, Gray, and Gajeel take on each of them respectively. Lapointe is actually a doll created by Personification Magic using Master Zero’s hair. Gildarts somehow manage to defeat Byro.

148 “An Angel’s Tears”
“Tenshi no Namida” (天使の涙)
September 15, 2012
As Lucy is slowly being sucked within the Infinity Clock, Imitatia faces off against Natsu, Elfman and Coco. In addition, every other member of Fairy Tail starts working to stop the Infinity Clock from bringing forth chaos and to find the runaway Kinana. Erza and Cobra continue their match. Gray and Dan Straight face off against Angel, whose self-titled Magic proves to be more dangerous for her than it is for her opponents.

149 “I Can Hear the Voices of My Friends”
“Tomo no Koe ga Kikoeru” (友の声が聴こえる)
September 22, 2012
While Erza concludes her battle with Cobra, Lucy is slowly becoming part of the Infinity Clock. The process has already begun and hope is lost, until the Archbishop, who regains consciousness, comes up with a way to slow down the process: destroying the chains linking to Earth Land. Legion and Fairy Tail cooperate in order to stop Brain II and destroy the Clock’s chains.Also, Romeo has joined the battle to help save Lucy. Elsewhere, Imitatia finds out she has been tricked by Brain II, Lucy hears the cries of her friends, and the truth behind Imitatia is soon revealed

150 “Lucy and Michelle”
“Rushii to Missheru” (ルーシィとミッシェル)
September 29, 2012
Natsu finally manages to defeat Midnight when the Mage overestimates his ability to control the entirety of the Infinity Clock by himself. As the dark guild’s possession of the Clock is revoked, Lucy floats inside the golden liquid of the Clock, remembering her childhood and connection to her doll Imitatia. As she hears her friends calling her, Lucy tries to escape the Clock, and is able to do so with the help of Jean-Luc and the others at the Fairy Tail guild. Sending out blue shooting stars to find and return those Celestial Spirit Mages effected by Anti-Link to their normal selves, Lucy is separated from the clock and falls from the sky, being caught by Natsu and reuniting with her guild at last, her adventure surrounding her father’s memento finally at an end.

151 “Sabertooth”
“Seibatusu” (剣咬の虎(セイバートゥース))
October 6, 2012
The Legion Corps are ordered by Zentopia’s archbishop to retrieve the missing pieces of the Infinity Clock and seal them again. Before leaving on their new mission, they visit Fairy Tail and make amends with the guild for attacking them. Natsu and his friends later learn that Fairy Tail has lost their title as the strongest guild in Fiore to Sabertooth, which rose to power over the seven years they were frozen in time. Two of the strongest wizards in the guild include a pair of Dragon Slayers named Sting and Rogue, who are obsessed with fighting Natsu and Gajeel, respectively. Meanwhile, Makarov brings Gildarts to their abandoned guildhall and shows him Lumen Histoire, a light that Makarov says is Fairy Tail’s greatest secret. Makarov then tells Gildarts that he has been chosen to become the next master of Fairy Tail.

152 “And So, We Aim for the Top”
“Soshite Ore-tachi wa Chojo o Mezasu”(そしてオレたちは頂上を目指す)
October 13, 2012
Natsu and his friends who returned from Tenrou Island learn that the rest of their guildmates have surpassed them in magic power. They visit Poluchka for medicine to strengthen their magic, but she turns them away. Wendy recognizes Poluchka’s voice and scent as those of Grandine, the dragon who raised her. Poluchka explains she is the Grandine from Edolas who is now stuck in Earthland. Following directions from Grandine, Poluchka gives Wendy written instructions for two advanced spells the dragon failed to teach her. Meanwhile, Makarov announces Gildarts’ succession as master to the rest of the guild, only to find he has gone on a journey, leaving a letter of resignation behind. In the letter, Gildarts reinstates Laxus into the guild, returns mastership to Makarov, and tells him to make Fairy Tail the strongest guild in Fiore again. Romeo suggests they participate in the Grand Magic Games, an annual festival designed to determine the guilds’ rankings. Despite the rest of the guilds’ reluctance after suffering six consecutive losses in the games, Natsu and his friends eagerly agree.

153 “Song of the Stars”
“Hoshiboshi no Uta”" (星々の歌)
October 20, 2012
With three months until the Grand Magic Games begin, Lucy and her friends go to a seaside resort to train. On their second day of training, Virgo appears and tells the wizards that the Celestial Spirit World is in danger of destruction. When the wizards arrive, they instead find a surprise party held by the Celestial Spirit King celebrating their return from Tenrou Island after seven years. They spend a day partying with the spirits, only to learn from Virgo before they leave that one day in the spirit world equals three months in the human world, meaning they have wasted all of their time to train.
154 “Just Enough Time to Pass Each Other”
“Surechigatta Jikan no Bun dake”" (すれ違った時間の分だけ)
October 27, 2012
While mulling over their lost training time, the Fairy Tail members receive a message via carrier pigeon requesting a private meeting in the forest nearby. There they meet a runaway Jellal, Ultear, and Meldy, who have formed their own guild, Crime Sorciere, to defeat Zeref and any dark guilds that try to use his power. The three ask Fairy Tail for their help in determining the source of a magical anomaly similar to Zeref’s magic that they have sensed around the Grand Magic Games arena Domus Flau. In exchange, Ultear uses her magic to double their magic power. As the others undergo the painful “power-up” process, Erza talks with Jellal over his regained memories. The two nearly kiss, but Jellal decides he and Erza cannot be together and lies to her that he has a fiancée. Erza quickly picks up on this and respects his decision, seeing Crime Sorciere off as they leave.
155 “Crocus, the Blooming Capital”
“Hanasaku Miyako: Kurokkasu”" (花咲く都・クロッカス)
November 3, 2012
Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and Wendy are chosen to represent their guild in the Grand Magic Games, which are to be held in Fiore’s capital Crocus. As they tour the city, Natsu and his friends meet Sting and Rogue, who mock Natsu for not being able to kill Acnologia and boast killing the dragons who raised them. At midnight that night, Fairy Tail and the other participating guilds are put through a preliminary event—a race through a massive floating labyrinth—designed to narrow the guilds down to eight teams.
156 “Sky Labyrinth”
“Sukai Rabirinsu” (空中迷宮(スカイラビリンス))
November 10, 2012
Natsu’s team notices that Wendy has gone missing, so Elfman replaces her to keep them from being eliminated. As they make their way through the enchanted labyrinth, the five encounter various other guilds and steal the maps they make of the maze to better navigate it. They manage to reach the end of the maze and pass the elimination round, confident they have arrived first, only to discover they have barely taken last place. Meanwhile, Happy, Lisanna, and the rest of the guild search for Wendy and Carla. They eventually find the two in the garden of the king’s palace Mercurius with their magic power completely gone.
157 “New Guild”
“Shinki Girudo”(新規ギルド)
November 17, 2012
Wendy’s body is weakened as a result of losing her magic power. As Poluchka helps her recover, she requests Elfman to take her place in the Grand Magic Games. Fairy Tail steps into the arena with a negative audience reception, but they are bolstered by their guildmates and the spirit of Mavis, whom only the Fairy Tail guild members can see. The next four participating teams are revealed to be Quatro Cerberus, Mermaid Heel, Blue Pegasus, and Lamia Scale. Following them is Raven Tail, a former dark guild led by Makarov’s son Ivan, who confess attacking Wendy and Carla. To everyone’s shock, the next team is revealed to be a second team from Fairy Tail composed of Gajeel, Juvia, Mirajane, Laxus, and Jellal (disguised as Mystogan to help investigate the arena). The final guild is Sabertooth. With all eight teams announced, they each send out one members to participate in the first contest of the games, with Gray representing his team.
158 “On a Night of Falling Stars”
“Hoshi Furu Yoru ni”"(星(ホシ)降(フ)ル夜(ヨル)ニ)
November 24, 2012
The games’ first contest, “Hidden”, requires the eight participants to score points by finding and attacking each other in a virtual city filled with copies of themselves. Raven Tail member Nalpudding repeatedly targets Gray, who scores last place in the contest while Sabertooth’s Rufus scores first by using his Memory-Make magic to attack all the other participants at once. Humiliated, Gray swears revenge against Raven Tail and Sabertooth. Afterward, Lucy is chosen to fight Raven Tail member Flare in the tournament’s first battle round.
159 “Lucy vs. Flare”"
“Rūshii vs. Furea”"(ルーシィ vs. フレア)
December 1, 2012
Lucy displays tremendous skill in her battle against Flare. Out of desperation, Flare uses her magic hair to hold Alzack and Bisca’s daughter Asuka hostage, and forces Lucy not to fight back to keep her from harming Asuka. Natsu senses Flare’s foul play and grabs Flare’s hair, allowing Lucy to counter with her Urano Metria spell remembered by Gemini. Before she can land the finishing blow, however, Flare’s teammate Obra nullifies Lucy’s magic, causing her to collapse and lose the match.
160 “Bad Omen”
December 8, 2012
Blue Pegasus’ Ren defeats Mermaid Heel’s Arania during the games’ second match while Sabertooth’s Orga effortlessly defeats Quatro Cerberus’ War Cry in the third match. For the day’s fourth and final match, Jellal is pitted against Lamia Scale’s Jura, intending to avenge the humiliated Fairy Tail members. He mimics Mystogan’s magic to keep up his disguise, but he finds it ineffective to use against Jura and is forced to use his own magic instead. Before he can cast a spell that will expose his true identity, Ultear uses Meldy’s Sense-Link to force Jellal into submission. Meanwhile, the hospitalized Carla awakens after having a premonition of the future.
161 “Chario”
December 8, 2012
Fairy Tail is undaunted by their poor performance on the first day. As the guild celebrates, they are visited and taunted by Bacchus, Erza’s rival from Quatro Cerberus, who came to replace War Cry. Carla relays her premonition to Poluchka, saying that she saw Mercurius collapsing around a tearfully singing Lucy. The second day of the tournament begins with a footrace atop a train of moving chariots, causing the participants Natsu, Gajeel, and Sting to suffer from motion sickness as a side effect of their Dragon Slayer magic. As Natsu and Gajeel force themselves forward, Sting inquires about their determination to which Natsu responds that it is as a result of the strength of Fairy Tail’s bonds. Sting eventually throws the race while Natsu and Gajeel manage to finish as sixth and seventh placers, respectively.
162 “Elfman vs. Bacchus”
“Erufuman vs. Bakkasu”(エルフマン vs. バッカス)
December 22, 2012
Due to a misunderstanding, Elfman is chosen as the opponent for Quatro Cerberus’s Bacchus instead of Erza. Before the match commences, Bacchus offers to make a wager with Elfman. Should he win, he would have a right to stay with Lisanna and Mirajane, which enrages Elfman as the match starts. However, Bacchus manages to push Elfman back, with the latter being pounded by the former. Elfman eventually agrees to the wager and proposes that should he win, the name of Bacchus’ team will be changed to “Quatro Puppy” for the remainder of the Grand Magic Games. Bacchus nonchalantly accepts the bet and powers up by consuming a bottle of booze and charges at Elfman, who activates a Take Over spell, changing him into a new form: Lizardman, with high defensive power, which becomes capable of damaging Bacchus. Elfman then challenges Bacchus to a battle of stamina in terms of offense and defense. As Bacchus pounds away at Elfman, the stadium looks on in silence. Eventually, in stark contrast to everyone’s expectations, Elfman emerges victorious. Fairy Tail A receives 10 points, and Quatro Cerberus becomes “Quatro Puppy”, for the rest of the games.
163 “Mirajane vs. Jenny”
“Mirajēn vs. Jenī”(ミラジェーン vs. ジェニー)
January 5, 2013
The second day of the Grand Magic Games continues, with Mirajane of Fairy Tail Team B fighting against Jenny Realight of Team Blue Pegasus. Since the two competitors are well-known for being magazine models, their battle consists almost entirely of a fashion showdown, much to the pleasure of the audience. Eventually as the showdown becomes redundant, Jenny proposes a wager: the loser must pose nude for the Sorcerer Magazine, which Mirajane accepts. Jenny then transforms into her battle armor while Mirajane shifts into a new “Satan Soul” form: the “Sitri”. Mirajane easily defeats Jenny and wins the match, tying the two Fairy Tail teams at 12 points. Arcadios, meanwhile, is confronted by Datong, the kingdom’s defense minister, about his Eclipse Plan. Back at the Domus Flau, the final match of the day is announced, with Kagura Mikazuchi of Mermaid Heel pitted against Yukino Aguria of Sabertooth. On the battlefield, Yukino proposes to Kagura that they wager their lives on their battle.
164 “Kagura vs. Yukino”
“Kagura vs. Yukino”(カグラ vs. ユキノ)
January 12, 2013
Yukino is revealed to be a Celestial Spirit wizard when she summons Libra and Pisces to attack Kagura. Using her gravity-altering magic, Kagura defeats the two spirits, thus forcing Yukino to use a Gatekey that summons Ophiuchus, which is regarded as the strongest yet the rarest among the Celestial Spirits. However, Kagura slays Ophiuchus with her sword still sheathed and easily defeats Yukino. As Kagura is declared the victor, she exits the battlefield, telling Yukino that her life now belongs to her. Later, Jellal discusses some important things with Erza, especially concerning the fact that he has not sensed the evil power similar to Zeref’s even though the second day of the Grand Magic Games has ended. Erza reunites with Milliana, who is revealed to be the hooded Team Mermaid Heel member. At the Crocus Garden, the inn where the Sabertooth members are staying, Jiemma, Sabertooth’s guild master, is dissatisfied with the guild’s performance because they have acquired no points on the second day of the competitions. Though Sting is given another chance, Jiemma humiliates Yukino for her failure.
165 “Grudges Are Wrapped in the Silence of the Night”
“Urami wa Yoru no Tobari ni Tsutsumarete”(怨みは夜の帐に包まれて)
December 8, 2012
After Yukino is expelled from Sabertooth, she offers to relinquish her two Golden Gatekeys to Lucy to complete the latter’s collection of the Zodiac Gatekeys. It is revealed that when the twelve Zodiac Gatekeys are all gathered, a gateway that changes the world will open. Lucy turns down the offer because being a Celestial Spirit Wizard is all about bonds and trust, meaning, the ownership of the spirits should not be transferred that easily. Yukino bids farewell to the group, saying that when the time is right, Lucy will have the twelve Zodiac Gatekeys. Meanwhile, Milliana reveals to Erza that Kagura’s sword, Archenemy, is intended to kill Jellal, hence, it will be unsheathed at that instance. This shocks Erza, especially when Milliana tells her that she has joined Mermaid Heel because she and Kagura share the same resentment towards Jellal. Arcadios, discovering that there are two Celestial Spirit Wizards that bear the twelve Golden Gatekeys, is confident that the Eclipse Plan will work. Natsu and Happy run after Yukino in an attempt to apologize; however, Natsu realizes that Yukino had been expelled, and infiltrates the Crocus Garden to fight Jiemma.
166 “Pandemonium”
January 26, 2013
After Natsu punches out Dobengal, the guild member summoned to fight him, he and Jiemma engage in a duel. However, the guild master’s daughter Minerva appears, ends their duel and, taking Happy hostage, convinces Natsu to settle their dispute in the Grand Magic Games. As Natsu leaves, he states that Sabertooth will never surpass Fairy Tail because they care for their friends, words that are echoed by Rogue, while Sting is left in awe at Natsu’s strength. The following day as the Grand Magic Games continue, an event called “Pandemonium” begins. It involves the participants entering a magical citadel filled with 100 monsters of varying strengths and individually doing battle with any number of monsters they choose. Representing Fairy Tail Team A, Erza requests the 100 monsters as her opponents, thereby stunning the whole stadium.
167 “100 to 1″
“Hyaku tai Ichi”(100对1)
February 2, 2013
Erza kills the 100 monsters using various types of armor to match their strength and weaknesses. As a result, the crowd praises Fairy Tail, and the guild is awarded with 10 points. Moreover, the game officials decided to determine the ranks of the remaining participants by means of a device called “Magic Power Finder” (sometimes abbreviated as MPF). Using this tool, participants must attack it with their magic power, which will, in turn, calculate and display their equivalent scores depending on the extent of power used. In the end, Cana of Fairy Tail Team B dominates the event by using the Fairy Glitter spell lent to her by Mavis, much to Makarov’s surprise. With Cana’s victory, Fairy Tail Team B receives 8 points, and the audience began to burst once more into a resounding swarm of cheers and claps due to the finish of the two Fairy Tail teams. Meanwhile, the Raven Tail team somehow managed to get an insider information regarding the battle matchups for the day, so the masked leader Alexei tells his subordinates Flare, Obra, Nalpudding, and Kurohebi that it’s about time to proceed with their true mission.
168 “Laxus vs. Alexei”
“Rakusasu vs. Arekusei”(ラクサス vs. アレクセイ)
February 2, 2013
In the battle portion of the Grand Magic Games’ third day, Milliana of Mermaid Heel beats Semmes of Quatro Puppy while Sabertooth’s Rufus swiftly defeats Blue Pegasus’ Eve. For the third match, Laxus of Fairy Tail Team B is chosen to battle against Alexei of Team Raven Tail. Since the opponent is from a suspicious guild, the Fairy Tail members take extra precautions by watching the actions of Ivan Dreyar as well as the other four Raven Tail members. However, as the match commences, the spectators are shocked to see Laxus being beaten by Alexei, although no cautious movements can be seen from the Raven Tail team. It turns out that the two dueling people are just illusions created by Alexei in order for him to have a talk with Laxus. Also, the other Raven Tail members being monitored by Fairy Tail are just life-like illusions, for in reality they are with Alexei in the battlefield. Alexei reveals himself to be Ivan Dreyar. Unable to interrogate Laxus of the Lumen Histoire’s location, Ivan and the Raven Tail members are forced to fight him. Before their battle begins, Ivan declares that Raven Tail is an anti-Fairy Tail gulid.
169 “Wendy vs. Cheria”
“Wendī vs. Sheria”(ウェンディ vs. シェリア)
February 16, 2013
After Laxus defeats Ivan and the four Raven Tail elite members, Ivan’s illusions disappear to the shock of everyone in the stadium. The game officials declare Laxus the victor, and Ivan tells him that Lumen Histoire is Fairy Tail’s ‘darkness’. Due to the infraction of the rules, the Raven Tail team is disqualified for the remainder of the Games, and its members are captured by the soldiers. Later, Wendy of Fairy Tail Team A and Cheria Blendy of Team Lamia Scale face off to compete for the final match of the day. As the two exchange attacks, gusts of wind surround the arena since Cheria is revealed to be a Sky God Slayer. Wendy employs an advanced Sky Dragon Slayer attack much to Poluchka’s astonishment, causing Cheria to fall on the ground. Wendy is about to be announced as the winner of the bout when Cheria suddenly stands up with her wounds fully healed. Meanwhile, the Crime Sorciere guild senses the nefarious aura, and Jellal proceeds to the Domus Flau audience, oblivious that he bumped into Dranbalt, who, in turn, wonders what is Mystogan doing in Earthland.
170 “Small Fist”
“Chiisana Kobushi”(小さな拳)
February 23, 2013
With Cheria being fully healed and Wendy being almost depleted of magic power, their battle continues, with the former casting a high-level spell towards the latter. However, it seems that Wendy enhances Cheria’s physical strength, causing the attack to gain much force and thus missing Wendy. The two competitors then engage in a hand-to-hand combat, but due to the time limit and neither side is giving up, their battle resulted in a draw, giving both teams with 5 points. Meanwhile, Jellal manages to track the sinister aura among the crowd in the form of a mysterious, hooded person. Jellal is about to confront the aura source, but he is abruptly cornered by Dranbalt, Lahar, and other Rune Knights. Dranbalt then interrogates Jellal, and as his cover was blown, the Rune Knights, as well as Kagura and Milliana glancing nearby, are startled to see the true identity of Mystogan. Yajima convinces the Rune Knights that Mystogan is Jellal’s Edolas counterpart, prompting Lahar to release the fugitive. Meanwhile, Laxus and Makarov have a small conversation regarding Lumen Histoire when Mavis appears and explains that Lumen Histoire is the ‘light’ of Fairy Tail.
171 “Naval Battle”
“Nabaru Batoru”(海战(ナバルバトル))
March 2, 2013
As the jubilant Fairy Tail members celebrate their victories, the other people, such as Sting, Kagura, and Milliana, are contemplating on their own concerns, while Yukino is enlisted as a sergeant under Arcadios’ command. Meanwhile, the fourth day of the competitions comes to a start with an event, “Naval Battle”, which involves the participants swimming in a giant water sphere and knocking the other competitors out. After the other participants fall out of the aquatic sphere, a five-minute battle between Lucy and Minerva ensues. However, Minerva quickly attacks Lucy, and she manages to steal the keys of the Celestial Spirit mage. Regardless of this, Lucy refuses to surrender. After hearing Lucy’s intentions, Minerva stops from attacking up to the extent that the five-minute mark was reached. However, Minerva resumes attacking Lucy until the game officials decide to halt the match. The Fairy Tail members snap, and Minerva dangles Lucy out of the sphere while the others rush to her aid.
172 “The Perfume I Dedicate to You”
“Kimi ni Sasageru Parufamu”(君に捧げる香り(パルファム))
March 9, 2013
While Lucy is hospitalized and taken to the infirmary, the Fairy Tail members warn Sabertooth that they have angered the worst possible guild to do so. Later, Makarov announces that the two Fairy Tail teams must merge as a result of the disqualification of Raven Tail and to compensate for the odd number of teams for the battle round. He also reveals that the new team will have the former Team A’s 35 points to start with. The new Fairy Tail team, consisting of Natsu, Gray, Erza, Gajeel, and Laxus, are well-received as they enter the field. The second part of the tournament begins with a tag battle between Blue Pegasus’ Ichiya and “Rabbit” and Quatro Puppy’s Rocker and Bacchus. To everyone’s shock, it is revealed that “Rabbit” is actually Nichiya in disguise, and after the Exceed is punched by Bacchus, Ichiya bulks up to defeat the Quatro Puppy opponents, awarding Blue Pegasus with 10 points.
173 “Battle of the Dragon Slayers”
“Batoru obu Doragon Sureiyā”(四人の竜(ドラゴン))
March 16, 2013
Mermaid Heel’s Kagura and Milliana and Lamia Scale’s Lyon and Yuka face off for the second tag battle of the games. The two teams struggle to earn a victory, only to have their battle ending in a draw due to the time limit. For the third and final match of the day, the spectators look on in silence as Natsu and Gajeel of Team Fairy Tail and Sting and Rogue of Team Sabertooth enter the field. As the battle commences, Sting and Rogue were about to take the initiative when they were suddenly attacked by Natsu and Gajeel. The four mages then exchange attacks; however, the audience watches in shock as the Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers overpower the Sabertooth Dragon Slayers. Unable to keep themselves on par with their adversaries, Sting activates ‘White Drive’ while Rogue powers up using ‘Shadow Drive’.
174 “Four Dragons”
“Yonin no Doragon”(四人の竜(ドラゴン))
March 23, 2013
The tag battle continues, with Sting and Rogue beginning to attack Natsu and Gajeel with their powers being increased. After receiving heavy blows from the Sabertooth Dragon Slayers, Natsu and Gajeel manages to hold them off, thus forcing Sting and Rogue to activate “Dragon Force” on their own will, to the shock of the Fairy Tail audience. Sting decides to finish the Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers alone, for he held a promise to his Exceed friend Lector many years ago. As the three mages fight, the tide turns in favor of Sting as he unleashes a powerful attack on Natsu and Gajeel, resulting in the collapse of the arena floor, and after a hand-to-hand combat underground, Sting was seemingly the victor of the match. However, the Fairy Tail duo stands up, comments on Sting’s strength, and argues about his position while attacking, thereby causing Natsu to drag Gajeel on a mining cart and send it away. While Gajeel is left incapacitated due to motion sickness, Natsu challenges the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth alone, in retribution to what Sting did earlier on them.
175 “Natsu vs. the Twin Dragons”
“Natsu vs. Sōryū”(ナツ vs. 双竜)
March 30, 2013
The tag battle of the Dragon Slayers comes to a close, with Natsu intrepidly overpowering the combined attacks of Sting and Rogue. The Sabertooth members watch in dismay, whilst Jiemma seethes in anger over the defeat of the Twin Dragons, causing the nearby spectators to be frightened away. On the contrary, the rest of Fairy Tail celebrates in joy as its team receives 10 points, finally surpassing Team Sabertooth by only a single point. Meanwhile, Gajeel, back to his senses after being dragged by Natsu into a cart earlier, stumbles upon a cave full of dragon skeletons, much to his shock. And during that night, Jellal finally manages to corner the source of the dark aura, standing in complete disbelief at the identity of the mysterious, hooded person.

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