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Fairy Tail Episode 137

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"Something Beyond Reckoning"
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  • Bluie

    First :P

  • ussa

    aye sir!

  • lara


  • Natsu


  • Dengster

    Close enough 5th

  • blah


  • Kat

    7th lol it’s under ten ^^ AYE SIR!

  • Atbin

    when are these damn fillers gonna end???

    • Bluie

      I agree!

  • Dengster

    Aw damn I finally caught up now I gotta wait the time limit T_T

  • Lem

    I hate Samuel ! Die Samuel !

  • MileniumSnow :D

    Samuel is the worst exceed i’ve ever seen! >_< what kind of a cat is he?!?!?

  • Bob

    Duuude, Samuel’s the most epic exceed I’ve eva seen.

  • Samuel

    lol samuel the exceed sucks but my name is samuel too :(

    • Buddahec

      ok I like Samuel, this episode doesn’t do him justice. Give him time.

  • lol

    so many rave master references.

  • Neetsuj

    This is the first time I realized that Elfman doesn’t have any eyebrows? O.O or am I just imagining things? XDD

    • Eena Scarlet

      mee too i realized why u typed that comment i was like yah he doesnt have eyebrows !! what a man should have eyebrows !!!

  • elsa volinosa

    1st! oh wait a minute i just realized that NOBODY FUCKING CARES

  • NatsuXLucy_FTW

    Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Get Fillers??? I Mean Mine Runs Perfectly..

  • Eena Scarlet

    Please filler arc finish fast i m getting very bored but still i love fairy tail ^__^
    Go love u NaLu ( why did they name it NaLu it could be LuNa well for a part it seems a girl’s name ) but still naLu is way better !!

  • Tom Murphy

    man how come samuel and lilly only have battle forms? Happy or carla could be very useful if they had that. :(

  • Ezra Scarelet1234

    Dick dick yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah dick dick oh i said dick dick dick dick dick dick diiiick dick dick dick dick dasdw wedsdfsdffs sdfijsdofjasdifjaosdifjasdofjioaifafjiodafjiofjioafjioasdfioasdfioasdfasdfjioasdfjiosdjioasdfjioasdfjioasdf dick dick dick dick dick dick DICK DICK DICK YES DICK DICK DICK DICK

  • Fairytail123

    Natsu is like totaly jealouss

  • lil

    i like episode 136 it so funny this episode too

  • eliana

    ok i realized u know how etolas jalal is the prince because he is the son of the king than later on natsu figured out the king and master macarave wher there opisits so that onily means the jalal frome earth land is master macaraves son! :0 right?


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