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Fairy Tail Episode 155

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"Crocus, the Blooming Capital"
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  • Yuen


  • bobby johnson

    1st aye sir

  • Des


    • Irish Fullbuster

      so what?

  • bobby johnson

    yuen ur not first stop trying to claim to be the first when you’re not

  • Mielle

    Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  • Kandy 23


  • Happy

    Why didn’t they choose Marian, She is “Like A Boss!!”

    • NatsuXLucy_FTW

      Whos Marian? I Suggest you Mean Mira Jane, I Guess She Didnt Want To, But Later On She will :D


    It’s something like hunger games …hah

    • Sugar boy

      but in hunger games their are two participants every district right? that’s not something like that . . .SPICY!!

    • Raymond

      Considering the Hunger Games got its story from a Japanese movie, based on a novel, based on a whole tradition of stories going all the way back to the Roman Gladiators, that’s not all that surprising.

  • slslsls

    but natsus a dragon lightning god slayer

    • MagicFairyKnight

      LIGHTNING GOD I REMEMBER, YOU THINK SO??? It does make since his magec storage divided in two last time for the god lightning but what about Laxus lightning?

  • Lissana<3

    Aye sir!

  • ed

    omg i died when i saw elfman

    • Victoria Biggerstaff

      ur dead scary

  • NatsuXLucy_FTW

    If I Took A Path o,o I Would Pee My Pants…

  • Tom Murphy

    man why couldn’t there be more fairy tail representatives, i like those 5 members but we all want to see Gajeel and Laxus kick some butt

  • juviala

    I just realized that the guild basically did the magic version of steroids.

  • judy

    me too love fairy tail


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