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Fairy Tail Episode 160

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  • http://www.facebook.com/cmorcinek Caleb Sean Morcinek

    Oh snap, I’ve been waiting for this episode for hours!

  • http://www.facebook.com/cmorcinek Caleb Sean Morcinek


  • GraySwag


  • GraySwag

    Fairy Tail team B ! :D

  • Keira W

    Lol Natsu was cute in this episode and Myst-JELLAL made…my jaw drop oh god xD
    The episodes are too short >_<


      You don’t say -_- we all want more Fairy Tail

  • Goku


  • Buddahec

    Implied lesbianism ftw

  • http://www.facebook.com/chanelnukie.bohol Mavis Nukie Vermilion Bohol

    Ahahaha Ultear what are you doing to poor Meredy?! xD

  • Michael

    Another loss. That’s unfortunate.

    • http://www.facebook.com/baysan1 Mustafa Fatih Baysan

      you idiot use spoiler alert!!!!

  • JellalFernandes

    I really want to see Jellal’s true heavenly body magic :( !!!!

  • matt

    Yeah i dropped fairytail for the clock arc because it was boring and i wanted to get to the grand magic games. can someone tell me when the games start?

  • PHoToS999

    Okay, now this is just starting to get on my nerves. Did they honestly have to make Jellal lose the entire match just because he was going to use a certain magic? Seriously…

    • Buddahec

      He’ll use it. This is all basic story set up. Sabertooth had to win it all to get an insurmountable lead and Raven tail had to be set up as cheaters. If Fairy Tail doesn’t get screwed a bit at the beginning there’s nowhere to go.

      • Shrew

        Post “spoiler alert” next time. A true fan of a series would want other fans to experience the joy of the story as it progresses, just as they were able when reading the manga. I won’t be enjoying this arc as much, thanks to you.

        • Pooli

          he doesn’t read the manga he is just clearly not an idiot. He can see the basic storytelling and foreshadowing tools used in the last few episodes

        • stahp

          Don’t read the comments if your gonna whine about them

        • GreyXFullbusterX

          dont read the comments before watching

    • Fairytail123

      It think it was kind of funny. Yes, they could have just did the red pepers so he could fight and beat him, but Jura is pretty strong so.. And if he would use the magic they would all know he was Jellal. So they couldn’t let him do that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maryah.morel Maryah Morel

    i had no idea natsu was these much of a perv. 0___0….

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.larsen.5055 Joe Larsen

      he isnt a perv he just has a crush on lucy

      • NatsuXLucy_FTW

        ^^^ 100% Agreed

      • Tom Murphy

        no evidence to suggest that, he does that to everyone

    • GreyXFullbusterX

      he just loves lucy <3 nalu

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.schultz.332 Brandon Schultz

    omg this episode sucked!!!!!!!!!

    • Rainbowtacular


      • shadow211

        no u suck

  • Vash

    spoiler alert..

    i Waited for a week just to see Mystogan loose


    trust me, fairy tail will start wining very soon…

  • ibrahim2712

    Hiro really trolled us.. just when Jellal was about to use a cool ass spell

  • ibrahim2712

    Hiro trolled us. i wanted to see Jellal’s spell …

  • Buddahec

    … anyone notice the guy Elfman is fighting in the intro isn’t on any of the teams?

    • Neetsuj

      No, that guy he’s fighting is a reserved member from Quatro Puppies/Cerberus

  • www

    when jallel is about to use its magic the show got jam and dont let me wATCH

  • SullBhit

    Mhm,We/Me waited a whole 1-3months watching fillers just to see Fairy Tail get there asses beat sounds right..

  • Arletta_Schmidt

    Ultear !! Really ??

  • Peanut

    Spoiler alert

    jellal = mystogan

  • justin

    that exceed is pure evil!… kill it

  • RyusekiV2626

    This shit freezes at the 6 minute mark. And no other mirrors? Terrible.

  • shadow21111

    best episode eva

  • KillMe

    raven tail cheating like shit

  • Ray

    Stupid ultear…

  • Genesis Vasquez


  • Gray Fullbuster

    poor meldy

  • NatsuXLucy_FTW

    W-Wait, Did Ultear Do What I Think She Did To Meldy o___o She Had Her Fingers Up, And Jellal Said ”There Are No Words To Describe What Happened” Or Somthing Like That o__O

  • Nalu

    that just proved natsu likes lucy ;) yay nalu!!!

  • nightfeng

    LOL i love jura’s expression when jellal fell LOL

  • Faz

    JELLAL LOST!!!!!?????!!!

  • Thorrin the superman

    funny even though it meant fairy tale is getting there ass handed to them.

  • GreyXFullbusterX

    00:32 xD just dawning on him, if he wanted to see then he shoulda stayed behind. Aww not this time Natsu

  • Majorfoley

    huh i just realized this ep when jura had his flashback, it was different in the actual episode, showing that he was informing makarov about that certain guild

  • Peter ammann

    really security you didnt see the link spell on jellal!? frist raven tail now this….


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