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Fairy Tail Episode 161

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  • Buddahec

    heh i dont normally do this but i seem to be the first one here so… FIRST

  • Buddahec

    No Natsu’s team isn’t the strongest, we forgot, there’s ACTUALLY the Raijinshuu.
    No Luxus and Mystogan aren’t the strongest in the guild, we forgot, there’s ACTUALLY a guy named Gildarts.
    No Natsu isn’t the only one to get motion sickness, we forgot, ACTUALLY all dragonslayers do.

    • POOLI


    • Graysuave6

      Just Natsu and Sting would have been drama

    • Yomato

      I totally agree but the excellent response to Sting’s great question was inspired.

    • toys

      say that to the wind dragon…

      • Eena Scarlet

        yeah i noticed Wendy doesnt get motion sick when she is on vehicles does she?! i wonder why i think its cuz she can heal heal motion sickness by troia so i think she has troia button on for her and so she does not get motion sick but thats my opinion!

  • hyuuga bykugan

    i still feel sorry for lucy
    and does anyone else here a beeping noise.

    • Camster

      It’s probably the chat box. You can turn it off :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lance-Fuentes/1741532266 Lance Fuentes

      Its the chatbox just close it.

  • JuviaLoxarXD


    • http://www.facebook.com/holly.bartos1 Holly Bartos

      Mee to

  • JuviaLoxarXD

    lol i thought lucy and gray were finally gonna kiss.. XD well that’s juvia’s imagination….

    • Eena Scarlet

      i fell for it and was like no my precious NaLu why? then Juvia popped out i was like oh it was one of her crazy imagination

  • Lambman

    @Buddahec All dragonslayers except Wendy

    • buddahec

      yeah and luxus but not cobra when he was on nirvana. It’s another plot hole. I love this show but.. its a minor flaw they have.

      • Lambman

        It’s very likely that Mashima will explain this weakness later

      • Carpet licker

        I agree, like when everyone got pulled back to Earthland from Edolas. Mystogan was magic, why wasn’t he pulled back?

        • Crux

          maybe he DID!

  • http://www.facebook.com/holly.bartos1 Holly Bartos

    I must be a dragon slayer cause I get motion sickness too

  • http://www.facebook.com/holly.bartos1 Holly Bartos

    It’s not working for me and I’ve waited soooo long :(

  • Bleu

    At about 13:03 there’s a little green thing next to the chariot on the right. o3o

    I wonder why they do that…

    Awesome episode, though! :3

    • buddahec

      its probably some watch and win promotion in japan

  • OMG HOW??~?


    I DONT WANT NALU TO EENNND, lol uhh :3

  • gildartsx

    well,suprisingly elfman will win this,I watched the manga

    • Golbez

      ok read the manga or leave posts because you douchebags cant seem to handle both

    • buddahec

      ugh spoiler

    • gangbang

      fuckin idiot

      • Fairy tail 101

        Please use more appropriate langue. Thank you (;

        • http://www.facebook.com/holly.bartos1 Holly Bartos

          Only you find it inappropriate so don’t make such a big deal

    • Neetsuj

      Do you mean read the manga? :)

  • erzascarlet7

    doesn’t the cat woman from that all girls guild look like erza’s friend in tower of heaven arc

    • dangitmycricket4

      hehehehe you’ll find out if u read the manga!

    • Eena Scarlet

      SPOILER——————————————–> SHE IS

  • http://www.facebook.com/maryah.morel Maryah Morel


  • http://www.facebook.com/holly.bartos1 Holly Bartos

    Hahahahaha ha grey says: don’t I’ve got juvia

    He’d never say that in real life

    • Heretic

      yeah… I’m starting to wonder about Gray. What strait man could ignore that hot blue goddess that desperately wants his bone. 10 dollars says he ends up with Sugarboy.

      • http://www.facebook.com/holly.bartos1 Holly Bartos


        • Firelord Sophie

          It’s cause he has a crush on Erza ;p Plus he doesn’t like how shes clingy

  • Guess who

    Guys just read the manga if you want to know what happens next

  • NaluFan

    whats gonna happen to lucy? :O

  • Little Wayne

    Natsu and Gajeel fight Sting and Rogue together and win.

  • Vuse

    Bacchus is my new favorite character… hope they don’t kill him off like my last favorite characters, Mystogan and Zancrow…

    • Aro

      Bacchus is a pimp

    • http://www.facebook.com/holly.bartos1 Holly Bartos

      Who’s zancrow

      • Pooli

        the god slayer psychopath from tenrou

        • drake

          that evil god slayer zancrow

    • NatsuXLucy_FTW

      Msytogan Didnt Die ._. He Stayed In Edoles Hes The ”Prince”



  • Peanut

    Spoiler alert…
    Natsu has motion sickness

  • Juviaf

    I soo can’t believe tht all the 5 dragon slayers have motion sickness it was weird but funny <3

    • Eena Scarlet

      i dont know why its not for wendy i think she is young for motion sickness!!

  • juviaf

    i wonder what time will it rain?

  • ilovefairytail

    wow that scene with charles flashback had my mouth dropped wide open in shock when she said there was someone singing inside, Lucy, and it was Lucy singing while crying!IM DIEING TO KNOW!also when natsu answered stings question, i had tears in my eyes! I was jsut so :’) i wonder if this arc will be better then the tenroujima arc!More questions answered about zeref and finally hopefully NALU

  • Peanut

    I wish they would actually give some clue to natsu about the whereabouts of igneel

    • NatsuXLucy_FTW

      They Gave US A Clue On Where Igneel Is :3

  • drake

    love this episode

  • kittyxgothxx

    thought master cant play in the game. or is that short old red hair man from Blue Pegass not a master and that chubby small wing guy is? sorry dont kno the name :P

  • ErzaXJellal

    okay. once you see the word “man” you obviously know it is elfman saying it

  • Wendy

    T-T Natsu…..

    • Eena Scarlet

      LOL that pic is creepy looks like there r 2 waterfalls coming out that dudes eyes

  • Neetsuj

    Damn Natsu you made me cry again. T.T

  • nightfeng

    doesnt that mean wendy has motion sickness too though…… but she didnt have it :S

    • Tom Murphy

      my guess is she hasn’t developed it yet, cause Gajeel didn’t have it either til this match.

  • GreyXFullbusterX

    xD when i first watched fairy tail i always wanted to be a shadow dragon slayer, raise by a real dragon like the 1st gen. And i get motion sickness to…damn Rouges taken that away from me

  • Eena Scarlet


  • Tatyana Sturdy

    This one made me cry. The determination. I loved it.


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