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Fairy Tail Episode 175

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"Natsu vs. the Twin Dragons"
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  • FairyTail<3

    Aye Sir! I cant believe this is the last episode!!!!!! Long live Fairy Tail !!! <3

    • Luke

      Don’t worry, it isn’t the last episode! Watch from 18:00 to 24:00, it shows a lot of unanswered things and says To Be Continued at the end.

  • Fairy tail nuuuuuuuu ; A ;


  • Bane

    nooo :(

  • Wildmankojo349

    Sending death threats so they keep making episodes…..

  • Fairy tail nuuuuuuuu ; A ;

    am ending up crying now ; A ;

  • irongajeel

    guys im pretty sure they’re only stopping the anime cuz its too close to the manga. it’ll start airing again later

    • help

      what manga chapter is this episode closet to?

      • Paul :)

        Chapter 296 and 297

      • Fairytailuu

        it wil air soon, he tweeted it, so we have to wait!
        I can’t wait neither !

        • Assassinmentor

          I can’t wait dude I have to read it!!

          • enmanuel the hunter

            awesome somebody who plays assassins creed huts like mi.or is huts a name.

        • GreyXFullbusterX

          whats the official twitter page to follow? Cause theres so many and it makes me so confused xD

    • fairytailWOLF

      fairy tail is not ending , its just taken a year break ……right?

    • skydrow

      actually what happened was that the voice actor who voiced as lucy got cancelled so they have to wait till the get a new voice actor with exact same voice as lucy

      • web2105

        if it is not exactly the same i don’t think fairy tail will feel right

        • NatsuXLucy_FTW

          Its Not Like You Guys Listen To The Voices ._. You Read The Sub Titles..

          • Eena Scarlet

            lol ur right

          • bramac

            i watch dubbed so what ever

          • GreyXFullbusterX

            xD ikr, when i look in the comments 85% on every few comments its complaining cause the voises changed on the dubbed. Like dude really just watch subbed its really not that bad…

          • NatsuXLucy_FTW

            Lol I Know Right, But The Dubbed Are Not On 100+ Thats Why I Said ”Its Not Like You Listen To THe voices XD You Just Read It”

          • Just stop

            No, actually I do listen to their voices. This anime would be quite boring just hearing background music, a few sound effects here n’ there, then just the sounds of pigeons squacking in the sky. I prefer to have a singular voice for a single set of subtitles for a single character. If the voices changed every so often, even with subtitles, I will eventually take a toothpick, stick it between my left big toe and it’s nail and kick a wall as hard as I can. These simple things are the logical reasons to keep a character’s voice the same.

      • Fairylova

        what do you mean “got canceled?”


    “To Be Continued”

  • http://www.facebook.com/chanelnukie.bohol Mavis Nukie Vermilion Bohol

    Come back Fairy tail! :’<

  • Luke


  • Luke

    Keep watching after the credits people there’s more!

  • FT FOrveer

    is there gonna be another season or something come on now can quit making the best anime ever

  • http://www.facebook.com/angelocavaqueira Ângelo Cavaqueira


  • Animefreakshow

    is there a part 2 or something? I CANT LIVE WITH THIS PRESSURE

  • Somerandomgirlofftheinternet

    For the battle I went into fan girl mode and I basically stopped breathing and then at the end I started crying cause I thought it was the last episode forever and then I say the ending bit and it said to be continued and I was soooo happy then I realized that I was in the lounge room with my family and they are starting to think I’m going crazy :P

    • http://www.facebook.com/johnny.baze.5 Johnny Baze

      that is how you know your a true fan of good anime / manga my mom still thinks im nuts

      • Eena Scarlet

        my mom & my friends think i m a kid watchin animes and stuff well i never give up on watchin animes specially Fairy Tail !!

  • Lailasaab

    It will be back on april 4 see it on wikipedia for urselflol mashiama sama didnt end it yett

  • NatsuTheBoss

    They won’t end it just like that, they just got into the good parts now! I believe they’ll do something like Naruto. It goes to Shippuden maybe?

    • http://www.facebook.com/sovereignlord.ramirez.7 Sovereign Lord Ramirez

      yes ! ad their coming this April 6,2013

      • Eena Scarlet

        April 6th has passed already do u mean april 6th 2014 ?? Please reply !!!

  • Fairy Tail is My Life

    thank god its coming back ^_^..when I heard that Mashima was going to “stop”the anime I was like “da fuq!” and almost cried if the best anime ever finished plus Fairy Tail “is my life”
    so I would’ve known what it would be like to be dead XP

  • a

    damn july 7th is my birthday

  • FairyTail Best!

    minna-san, FAIRY TAIL is not ending.. starting next week, they will be airing reruns of Fairy Tail… in tv tokyo… after some time, the recent episode will continue….they are doing these to prevent the anime from overcoming the manga,,, put it in a good word….

  • meowsta

    to be continued…FUUUCKKKK (even though I read the manga)

  • NatsuxLucy<33

    Don’t you hate cliff hangers =.= can’t wait till c
    Fairytail returns but OMG got a billion questions what happened to levy and did gageel die? And a women that is similar to zeref (ppl who read the manga would understand who’s the women is) but still wondering about levy O-o

    • FT

      I read the manga and the girl is lucy it is a future lucy that is why in this episode she talks about the future the future lucy came from 7 years later using a magic similar to zerefs called eclipse and lucy was also responsible for the death of 90% of fiore because she closed the eclipse door that was supposed to save the world from 1000 dragons tht came back to rule the world like how they did a four hundred years ago as zancrow the emerald dragon that was killed by acnoligia says when wendy awakens his soul and all the dragons that are in the graveyard were killed by acnoligia and acnoligia was a human dragon slayer 4 hundred yrs ago until zeref transformed him into a real dragon

      • duhh

        actually we dont know that yet. natsu said he could sense rogues evil intentions, so did rogue really come back to save the world? or turn it down the wrong path?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1113471265 Ely Fuentes

          I’m with ya. I get the feeling that Natsu’s sense are correct, and that the whole “ten thousand dragons” bit is just a shmeal. I bet Lucy decided to close it now because she trusts herself. She knows her future self wouldn’t have lied, and that the opening of Eclipse will actually do harm.

          • Jimmy_6611

            Yeah, just as the latest chapter has reveled its a REALLY good thing that Lucy’s trying to close the gate, but she better be quick

          • derek lavoie

            only 7 dragons come out after Lucy closes the door, that’s it, zeref or achnologia haven’t showed themselves yet

          • Lucy123

            Acually, its controversy if closing the door was good or bad because in the manga Rouge comes back to make sure the door isn’t closed so 10,000 dragons will come through and kill acnologia because only dragons can kill acnologia so it could be a good thing the door wasn’t closed. But, the downfall of it is that 10,000 dragons will destroy the world so you have to decide of you want to shut the door and take chances with Zeref and acnologia or 10,000 dragons, you decide. Either way both could end with world desruction.

          • derek lavoie

            actually the 10,000 dragon thing is partially true, future rouge started it so they would open the gate and all the dragons would come through the gate from the past. But Lucy and the other celestial spirit user close the gate so only 7 got out, and now future rouge is using a new technique that he created called “dragon control” (or something like that), now with recent updates of the manga, natsu is battling future rouge while all the other dragon slayers battle with the other dragons and the kingdom targets present rouge so they could eliminate him and his future self at the same time

        • http://www.facebook.com/sozeda.magelord Sozeda Magelord

          He was EVIL!!!!!!!!

        • NatsuXLucy_FTW

          Its Lucy From THe Future..

      • Someguy

        Thats actually true

      • Paul :)

        The emerald dragon’s name is Zirconis not Zancrow.

        • FT

          I don’t really care what his name is plus they all got weird Japanese names

      • http://www.facebook.com/johnny.baze.5 Johnny Baze

        it is 10,000 dragons

      • NatsuxLucy<33

        I’ve read the manga just didn’t want to spoil it >.<

      • http://www.facebook.com/sozeda.magelord Sozeda Magelord


      • IcykingZero

        there are no 10,000 dragons in the future.only 1 dragon rules the world and that is acnologia and nobody can defeat him. well i wonder who is stronger igneel or acnologia( king of fire dragons vs evil dragonslayer/dragon).

    • Paul :)

      I don’t know but I guess they (The Princess, The Gate, The Guilds) were not able to suppress the attack of the dragons. The vision of Carla that Mercurius is falling into ruins maybe a hint that the kingdom of Fiore will fall because of the dragons. And one of the remaining known survivors from the attack was Levy which is why she is seen sobbing for her friends in Fairy Tail. This is just a guess by the way so we’ll be looking forward for the comeback of Fairy Tail soon.

      • FT

        I guess there gonna do something like about that the future can change or something

      • NatsuxLucy<33

        Ah I see.

    • DelightThreat

      (SPOILER) I’m guessing its Levy in the future when the 10,000 dragons attack fiore and they couldn’t stop them because Lucy closed the eclipse door/cannon thing.

      • NatsuxLucy<33

        If you’ve read the lastest manga it shows that closing the door was the right thing to do.

      • Lucy123

        Yes, it is a good reason that the door was closed or was supposed to be closed anyway. If Lucy did close it then nothing would have happened but because (I warn you, this is kind of a spoiler) Rouge comes from 7 years in the future to kill Lucy so she cant close the door and and so that the world will be ruled by dragons again because it wasnt closed. Rouge may seem good but I warn you he kills Sting and takes his power so he can rule the 10,000 dragons that invade the world. So Yeah.

    • IronFistofFireDragon

      Gajeel isn’t dead, infact he’s gonna participate in the next competition and face Rouge.

      • NatsuxLucy<33

        No but levy said something about “that person died…that one too…even though I loved ” (and levy loves gageel) so wouldn’t that mean future gageel might of died

    • fairytailaddict1234

      that woman is the FUTURE LUCY…

      • NatsuxLucy<33

        Yeah Ik although there’s some people I didn’t want to spoil it for

    • HEHE

      the clock dude is future lucy

    • enmanuel the hunter

      dude please i have had to wait 8 and 8 months for the next Godzilla movie to come out in 2013 the last one came in 2004!!!!!!!!!

      • enmanuel the hunter

        dude every time they say that’s the last Godzilla movie none buys it in a few years they make a new one, why because Godzilla is awesome tats why. if you read this thanks i haven’t gotten any responses……

  • Mystogan

    Fairy tail is coming back jeez atleast follow Hiro’s twitter or go look on AnimeNewsNetwork
    Hiro said 3-4 times the anime is not ending, heck, even he ending screen said “To Be Continued” which means it will continue back at some point, and go look on AnimeNewsNetwork if you don’t believe me, it even got announced today (AGAIN) that it’s not ending.
    Don’t worry my friends, Fairy Tail won’t end!

    • Makkiez

      True but still, the ending was rushed and feels like a Huge cliffhanger. Just because the break right now they didn’t finish this arc.Since you could at least get another 10-15 episodes running on this ”Arc” that would have been better in many ways better explanation of the ending for example. Mean of all the people that could have survived why Levy? she was i guess the weakest of all?

      • hyuuga bykugan

        i find it exiting that they used levy instead of a really main character

      • DelightThreat

        I’m guessing Levys alive because all the main fighters of fairy tail ( Gray, Natsu, Erza etc) Protected everyone else that wasn’t as strong and they made it to somewhat safety whilst the others died protecting her?

        • Lucy123

          I agree,I think they died trying to kill the dragons and Levy was protected by other members of the guild.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasminhobden Jasmin Hobden

    I do like it of how you don’t really see that many anime’s that actually follow the manga. I love it, since you get to see it in clearer animation and its all coloured. I’m gonna miss you FT, just come back, ya hear?!

  • Dralaced

    what chaper is this in the manga?

    • Makkiez

      If i’m not mistaken it starts at 298 ( There are Sidestory’s between what happend in this episode and where you start reading

  • Makkiez

    I still wonder who did and who didn’t die in the end. Since no one really got an answer to that. also couldn’t find an answer in the manga. Really Freaking me out right now hehe,

    • meowsta

      we only assume natsu died from what rogue said other than that we know nothing

      • Makkiez

        I just came across something interesting. it seems that the Levy at the end is the Future Levy, just like the Future Lucy. it would make sense aswell.. besides i don’t really believe natsu is dead, i think Lucy is the one that died since levy was talking about here in the last part of the episode when writing the letter. Unlucky us the manga chapter that will reveal what happens after this episode is not out yet. ( not the one witch is really going into detail who died or not that is of course) So really waiting for that one!

  • meowsta

    I read the manga but fuck man I’m crying here!

  • woffl

    Dat asshole ending
    I feel like Fairy Tail is finally getting a storyline, gg mainstream anime lovers

  • Kirito Kurisaki

    Someone give me a oxygen mask my breath just got taken away

  • Superhero

    OMG!!!!!! I cant wait for the next FAIRY TAIL! this anime is soooooo good

  • Ost collector

    Who knows the name of the Ost that begins at 4:42? Please it’s urgent!

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.saju.9 Paul Saju

    Fairy Tail will return and hopefully we will all see some more serious ass kicking.

  • animezebra

    dudes, the anime is just pausing cuz the voice actor for lucy is in some crime thingy and is banned from voice acting now. Its only on halt till they find a new voice for lucy :p o and also they have to catch up to the manga ;D

  • DelightThreat

    It’s coming back in september so don’t worry C:

  • julio

    pemai lama skli

  • Laxus_is_a_boss

    so is lucy working with zerif or why did she come back im so confused

    • Lucy123

      No, shes not but she came from the future to save the world but she used a magic simalar to Zeref’s to travel back in time, I assure you that Lucy is not associated to Zeref in anyway.(I think)

  • natsuxlucy

    is fairytail going to end?

  • natsuxlucy

    please reply

  • i<3allanime:3

    what about fairy tail best? wasn’t that suposed to replace fairytail? :/

    • http://thisisaxel.tumblr.com/ Joxelle Tiong

      it’s actually just the title of the reruns of fairy tail

  • http://thisisaxel.tumblr.com/ Joxelle Tiong

    why do this have to end?!! NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/louie.bronda.3 Louie Gomez Bronda


  • http://www.facebook.com/louie.bronda.3 Louie Gomez Bronda

    hiro mashima please don’t end FAURY TAIL!

  • ill

    how long will the break be

  • duhasian9999

    Fairy tail needs to come back

  • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.roll.37 Jesse Roll

    they have stopped making episodes cuz they person who voices lucy has been banned from ever voicing in an anima again so they have to find someone who sounds really similar to the old lucy this should only take like 3 to 5 months

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1113471265 Ely Fuentes

    This is getting good, guise. All mysterious and whatnot. Super curious about Levy’s story. The way she writes to Lucy reminds me of the way Lucy writes to her mom. Very foreboding to have her in that messed up room, writing a letter to a Lucy that may very well be dead. This is why I like to read the manga and watch the anime; get the full story oh yeah.

    • Lucy123

      Well Lucy’s not dead but Levy is writing to her like shes dead because its in the future and by then Lucy has already gone back in time to ave the world but since she dissapeared its like she died so Levy assumes that Lucy is dead and is writing to her.

      • Pyromanical! :)

        she is. If you read the manga you’ll remember that “future lucy” was killed by rogue in an attempt to kill the lucy at the time. It wouldnt be impossible for levy to see the future lucy and believe it was their lucy.

  • nalu_xoxo


  • Melody01

    I think the girl in the cape was Lucy

    • Lucy123

      She was, well kind of, she was Lucy from the future

  • Fairy Tail

    Shit am crying now like hell

  • guy

    doesnt fairytail still have 100 chapters left or are the manga still being released…..and if they arent are they still gonna continue it?

  • Amaterasu

    They are stopping the anime due to the fact that they don’t want the voice actor for Lucy anymore because she is making herself look bad and they don’t want that tho bring down their views



  • ShadowDragonSlayer

    Love this!!! Way ahead with the manga but i still love watching them in action XD

  • jooe15


  • Darth Vader


  • http://www.facebook.com/Rina545 Rina Torres

    To be CONTINUED???!!!

  • Wait a 1m

    Wait…. Did levy say that Lucy dies!!!

  • Jeopardy

    Nooooooooo, I did NOT realize I had finally caught up to the end. TT.TT They had better get the manga going quicker so that this can come back. I need my dose of Fairy Tail!

  • Lica Lola heartfellia

    I will wait this gives me time to catch up I can wait a long time for fairy tail just hope it’s when I still love anime

  • moe

    omg what a cliff-hanger ending. I cant wait for the new episodes omfg

  • ZerefSanity


  • Masterken3000

    I think there stopping da anime because the book ends here,right? So I think they need the book to be longer and they’ll make the show longer if dey have enough money :/

  • Masterken3000

    But seriously at least finish the tournament for it to be ok gawd dam

  • Masterken3000 ~ skydrow

    Dude then what’s the point for them the cancel Lucy’s voice if there gonna get an exact 1 seriously WTF

  • Masterken3000

    God how do u do that doing my god

  • Masterken3000


  • Masterken3000

    I meant god how do u do that arrow thing

  • Masterken3000

    MY COMMENT IS BLANK OMFG THIS WHAT I WILL SAY “god how do u do that arrow thing?”

  • Masterken3000

    Why am I yelling XD

  • Ponkisn

    Last episode now. Damn im gonna cry when it’s all over..

  • Spaaaghetti

    Person in the hood was a Lucy look alike!!!

    • ShadowGaston

      Spoiler. It is Lucy from the future. Spoiler. Future Lucy dies. You’re welcome.

  • shaiq

    guys please tell me how can i read manga… please email me at mdshaiq@gmail.com ….

  • shaiq

    where can i read the manga guys???

  • NatsuXLucy_FTW

    Im Going To Watch Fairy Tail Over Again! Back To Episode 1! Its Been Awhile Since I Heard ”Snow Fairy” It Will Bring Memories! FAIRY TAIL! :D


  • shaiq

    i understand the black robe strange is lucy but why jelal feels zeref’s power???

    and fairytail coming out soon…. i read it somewhere but cant find it

  • Faz


  • blabla

    I am physically distraught! Can’t wait for it to start up again!!! :3

  • Tom Murphy

    Not surprised that was what she said to Natsu. Like Mavis said, there’s some things that cannot be stopped by power alone, natsu much like most main characters in animes I watch tend to become even stronger when it’s about there friends n families.

  • NatsuXLucy_FTW

    I Just Noticed, If Wendys Dragon In Edolas Is Human, Then.. O_O WHAT IF ZEREF IS HUMAN ACNOLIGIA

  • NatsuXLucy_FTW

    Ohh I Also Relised that Natsu And The Others Came Back From The S-class Island In SEVEN Years, AND Levy Said ”July, 7th” SEVEN YEARS SEVENTH MONTH ON THE SEVENTH DAY >:OO

  • SweetLaurose

    Just to let you guys know.. to continue seeing what happens after this episode, just go to manga and go to chapter 300, that’s where the stuff continues after this episode. :)

  • Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

    The author became less handsome, so he cannot continue to release a new episode until a new parfum is founded to fix this. Men.

    We must unite together find this parfum, so that everyone can watch next season.


    • Happy


      • Fred !@#$%^&*()_+

        This chain of comments…Its strangely amusing and accurate.

    • Eve Tilm

      Handsome as always, Ichiya-sama.

    • Hibiki Laytis

      The author lost his handsomeness…But I know with Ichiya-sama, we can find a way to fix this!

      • Ren Akatsuki

        Hibiki, why don’t you just use your archive!?

        • Hibiki Laytis

          I can’t! I’m only able to do that if I get screen time in an episode.

        • Eve Tilm

          Yeah, it appears even the council has no power at this time either…

      • Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

        Fear not. Men.

        This painful hiatus will be stopped by a special parfum.

        Men. Only with that, this will all end. Men.

        For now, I will do all the work as I always do. This is a task that everyone is counting on me for. Men.

        I swear, I will find that parfum! MEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNN~~!

        • Erza Scarlet

          To this day, it disgusts me how this man can be such a powerful wizard with a personality as such. *Shivers*

          • Natsu Dragneel

            Ah, he can transform! I bet he’s strong!

            I’m all fired up!

          • Gray Fullbuster

            It’s all gone to his head…

          • Juvia Lockser

            GRAYYYYY-SAMAAA!!! <3


    did they stop making this anome :/

  • Natsu

    Anime is coming back soon, you can read about it. Until then you can read the manga.

  • taseel16

    why did the end the fairy tail episodes

  • ShadowGaston

    Spoiler guys. Anime is returning April 2014, official date. You’re Welcome

  • Lol

    only 7 dragons come out after Lucy closes the door, that’s it, zeref or achnologia haven’t showed themselves yet But yh Lucy doesn’t die. and the future gets changed if u read on to aroung about chapter 320-339 it explains every thing.

  • scret fan


  • herkaderka

    anyone else think there should be a filler episode or something thats about how natsu was abandonned and then taught by igneel?

  • enmanuel the hunter

    this is the last chapter in fairy tail HQ :( whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. well time to watch the OVA version , OVA versions normally aren’t that good and have nothing to do whit the series plot

  • enmanuel the hunter

    dammit mi computer hust froce in the last 10 minutes had to restaret

  • enmanuel the hunter

    hey dosent the legent of the dragon and natzu beating him.DOVAHKIIN

  • enmanuel the hunter

    so they are going AC stile living a load of questions on us like the dragon graveyard.

  • PedoPanda

    I hate Lector so much

  • Natsu, Lucy and Erza

    Does anyone know when the next episodes will be released?

  • bond

    fairy-tail-episode-176 when u r realead please tell us

  • Tatyana Sturdy

    I love the kitty cats. They’re all so cute.

  • woy


  • woy


  • That award moment…….

    man i love this show! evryone including my firends think im SO annoying cuz i play fairy tail music all the time my sister only watch the frist season and the stoped, and then got annoyed at me when i watched this ep. and then wanting her to watch it agian cuz this ep. was EPIC and of course no one knows this show at my school as im here on the internent and…..it just makes me feel better being around ppl who watch it and love the show too! :3 <3

  • AssassinatedAnime XD

    Who is the person in the cloak that Jellal was following? Because all I know is that it’s a women, and I read like most of the comments and most said it was Lucy. And how are y’all finding these things out? And also when is the next episode coming out? :)

  • DarkRogue

    Apparently Levi lived against the destruction so yea :I she isn’t dead, but btw they are continuing its 100% true just later.

  • DarkRogue

    Im impatient for more Fairy tail so i watch the old ones its now getting boring T_T

  • enrika

    It’s Lucy! From the future!! I remember that cape from the manga!! IT IS LUCY!!

  • CiderMakara

    Get ready, it looks set to resume APRIL 14th! Save the date!

  • ewddd

    fairy tail will return in April

  • jesseritchie

    i never got to find out who the pumpkin guy was

  • blus rose,

    watch all the way through the credits, =)

  • Busmis fan of fairy tail

    you gotta be kidding….. does anyone know when it starts again?
    The thing about manga and anime.. i would describe it as stupid… i think this anime is better than naruto.

  • Natsunee

    In my life [and every ft fan] fAIRY tAIL has brought happiness , joy , felling of friendshipness it is my dream to live with such legends like them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Catrina

    2 more days until fairy tale’s 5th season airs!!!!:D

  • SkyeWalker

    Am I the only one who noticed that I don’t think Natsu was really serious with this fight? I mean it’s great that he was more mature with fighting now (observing and analyzing oponents), but I don’t think he gave the twin dragons his all. I guess it was more on the “who’s more of a threat” than just being rivals in the game/contest. I mean if you compare how he’s fighting with the twins vs how he raged into Sabertooth’s inn and challenged their GM >.<

  • english dub

    y cant i watch fairy tail in English?


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