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Fairy Tail Episode 78

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  • Hoyland

    first. :3

  • grimmkitty6espada


  • Krisha

    Third <3

  • jessica

    4me! :(

  • zero

    5th hahahahaha
    that ends the compettition

  • http://facebook.com VashTitania

    Dont forget me!!sixth times!!

  • Lenichi

    7th hahaha

  • http://deleted FairyTail

    im here too ! by the way im Mystogan :D

  • Natsu

    lucy looks so bad as :D !!

  • gray

    natsu you suck

  • Wendy Marvell

    Nee~ that was scary Lucy-chan :(


    SO THERS STILL COMEDY OR JUST SADNESS? saying this before episode

  • Masterken3000

    Weird name edolas

  • Masterken3000

    Is ariza in that picture a bad guy

  • Masterken3000

    I almost thought it was not dubbed

    • TitaniaS2019

      lol, me too

  • R3D

    it keeps stopping to load but it never loads >: 0

    • Yerp

      Just press play anyways and it will play :)

  • NatsuxLucy

    Haha lucy ~~

  • http://www.facebook.com/jolynn.campbell.3 Jolynn Campbell

    I wish i was a Fairy Tail wizard T.T

  • Wendy

    this remind me of Pandora Heats for some reason .-.

  • Amartya sinha

    i love it but the video stops in 3 min and 15 sec what should i do??

    • fairytailgeek


  • kayla

    if only the dragon slayers can stay, then were is gageel or wathever is name is??

    • fairytailgeek

      he is properly stuck under the rock

  • taco

    omg i just thought, what will erza be like here? being an anti, and gildart too…


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