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Fairy Tail OVA Episode 4

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"Yousei-tachi no Gasshuku"
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  • Reversed


  • http://www.facebook.com/walter.purisaga Walter Purisaga

    fairy tail is awesome!

    • wargreymon


  • Fullbuster

    Erza’s senses plus her throwing skills equals pain in the ass for Droy ..

  • HyoSeon (:

    LMAOO!That drunk scene was tooo perfect and
    NALUU!!!!<3 Eeeeeeeeeee!*fangirl scream*I ship them..so hard T^T hiro mashima don't tease us nalu shippers!XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/maryah.morel Maryah Morel


  • Darkzenii

    Levy’s hair looks awesome in this!!!
    The ending song is cool too!

  • lawlz@NALU

    why did Natsu have her maid outfit? O___O thats just creepy

    • http://www.facebook.com/RiMwE Rimvydas Zimantas

      Not really, he just keeps it as a memory of the first mission they had together

      • Lucy123

        Yeah but still its weird cause’ he could keep other memories instead of her maid outfit

    • GreyXFullbusterX

      i think its cute xD

    • Fairytail123

      Because he likesss her obvious;p

  • Buddahec

    it was a cute scene but nalu doesn’t work for me. Lucy is supposed to be his closest friend. Gray is a rival, Erza is scary and Happy is a cat.

  • FairyTailSmelly

    its A pOOP

  • Titania

    I luv this ova!

  • Masterken3000

    Wow girls are drunk bad huh well Lucy was really weird

  • http://twitter.com/Mariahfan4eva Larrin ♥

    Ohh I LOVED this OVA! I laughed a lot! lmaoo!

    • Eena Scarlet

      me too

  • http://www.facebook.com/RiMwE Rimvydas Zimantas

    Mavis Vermillion is so cute, i can’t stand it!!! i Need manly thoughts because i’m a MAN!

  • WaltertheWalrus

    That is how Master Mavis found out about the Magic Games

  • Heartfilia

    Man this ova is sooo random

  • samuel0231

    ahaha wendy dont drink if u cant handle it xD

  • moe

    20:24 lucy learning her place as a women

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/kyliekimchannel lovechu

    Can’t wait for OVA 5 >.>

    • Eena Scarlet

      cant wait for OVA 6 OMG

  • Nalu fan

    Why does this episode bring joy to me???? Oh yeah…!!!!! Its got a lot of NaLu moments!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!

    • Eena Scarlet

      me too ^_^

  • Woozie1328

    In the drinking scene how the heck was Wendy supposed to be drunk since she’s under aged to drink

    • GreyXFullbusterX

      meh no ones around, their having fun and age doesnt really matter to them xD

  • juviala

    I don’t like Nalu, but I admit, this was cute!

  • Eena Scarlet

    NALU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i died today and was in some sort of ft couple heaven XD

  • LucyDragneel

    who was the genius giving wendy beer when she’s like 12

  • LucyDragneel

    Hey. has lucy ever heard of an action called locking the door


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