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Fairy Tail OVA Episode 5

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  • Natsu Dragneel

    woooh!this is awesome!

    • Juvia Lockser

      Natsu did you see Gray-sama -blushes and walks away-

  • somepervert32421

    I hope they dont censor Jennys ass..

    • Kuro is my name NOT!

      They don’t :)

  • meowsta

    woah when dafuq did this happen people!

  • Lozin99

    Can’t wait

  • Juvia Lockser

    Juvia thinks that Gray-sama would be around me for a long time -sighs and blushes- Gray-sama is Juvia’s ice prince! -looks at Lyon- Lyon-sama -covers mouth- Juvia didnt say Lyon-sama >/////<

  • http://www.facebook.com/chanelnukie.bohol Mavis Nukie Vermilion Bohol

    can’t wait for ova 5!! :D

    • Assassinmentor

      Mavis sama :P

  • NatsuxLucy<33

    hehe there’s something there for all ships :3 (most of them). Everyone should be exited (especially Jerza!) ((btw anyone know what happened with Fairytail Best? ))

    • L

      fairy tail’s best is just a rerun of fairy tail so they are just showing the older episodes again

      • NatsuxLucy<33

        Thanks :D well not sure if I should be looking forward to it :/. (Uhhh can you tell me where i can watch it … If possible?)

  • Loki Regulas

    WHOOOOOO! SO PUMPED! …but Ichyia is more pudgy then i remember seeing in manga -shutter- >___>

  • fairytailWOLF

    gray x juvia , levy x gajeel ,erza x jellal, evergreen x elfman ,maybe some nalu , I don’t know . im just pumped !!!!

  • lucy heartfilia

    cant wait to watch ova 5

  • Lucy123

    Cant wait for ova 5

  • hyuuga bykugan

    i am just happy to see fairy tail again…can’t wait for it to come back

  • Teegra123

    I can’t wait for Fairy Tail to come back on air again!
    ….I still cant believe I haven’t gone insane yet. I mean- we all have to wait for a WHOLE YEAR!

    • Lucy123

      Dont worry, it’ll probobly go by faster than we think…*gulps* I think…

      • Teegra123

        Hai Hai…

    • Victoria Biggerstaff

      at least its gonna come back i didn’t know it was until i saw ur comment

  • Lucy123

    I’m so excited for this, btw when is the actual ova 5 coming out I want to know

  • NatsuEatsFire111

    when will ova 5 be english dubbed

  • Duchess Idowu

    please bring out the english subs soon !!!!!

  • Teegra123

    Are they still posting the manga on here…?
    I haven’t been seeing any new ones lately…

    • Lucy123

      Yep, they are but I think its probobly a little late

  • Skygodslayer

    This isn’t an OVA It is part of the manga it should be Episode 176.

    • Avagantamos

      Actually no 175 leaves off at the 4th day, this one is the 3rd day

  • ilycatherineXD .


  • Jordan-san

    I see a little Rave master in it… (Only a true fan of fairy tail would know what i’m talking about)

    • Mirajane

      it’s always had rave master in it – plue, seigrain / jellal is seig hart, even griff and ruby make an appearance…

    • Avagantamos

      You don’t have to be a true fan of Fairy tail to know what the hell rave master is -.-


    not to pry or anything but will the OVA be out soon

  • MS7

    I cant wait any more Gajeel samaaaa <3

  • Ponkisn

    It says 2013 6 17 is that like 2013 17th of june?
    Im not that good in this, I just want to watch it again. Well the Manga is my friend atm :D

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    WHEN WILL THE SUBBED BE OUT?!?!? “The subbed will be up later today”

  • Guy who hates Hashtags

    Anyone noticed Erza’s bikini looks a lot like Laxus’s tattoo and hair color? :3

  • Baka Bwaka


    God you shippers are horrible.

  • Ponkisn

    What about the 6th one? It was released today, i think..

  • Confused and female

    This ova is already up on other websites so why not this one??

  • jade<3anime

    I love this it is soooooo funny I love it so mich

  • Nalu

    jellal and ezra are soooo meant to be together lol, they both really like eachother!!

  • Junnel Abiao


  • Junnel Abiao

    i hope fairy tail well continue

  • Faz

    Who Knows Where You Can Watch Fairy Tale Best???

  • Victoria Biggerstaff

    grays mark is on the wrong side of his chest

  • seriously

    This sub is terrible, some parts don’t have the subs and some of the parts that do have the wrong words -.-

  • MavisxFairy

    Happy’s eyes LOL! It’s like he’s in a fish world.. That part where everyone was sliding.. I died! Oh wait, I’m a ghost ^^



  • lil

    Erza don’t really like that fat guy if u think so vote up for me

  • Fairy-Girl

    LoL im jealous of Erza being with Jellal

  • Irish Fullbuster

    Is Zeref Trying to cry? or he is sad. and I have a ques. Why does he going to cry? or sad?

  • DeKa

    20.000 jewel?!?!?!?!! for a swimsuit?!?!!?!? lol


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