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Fairy Tail the Movie

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"Houou no Miko"
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  • sydnar


  • Castellnus


    • sydnar

      nah nah nah nah bro

  • Sagittarius


  • medzz

    yhhhhhhhhhh :)

  • buddahec

    I will go arouse my troops.

  • rohan

    excited… thank you so much.. ^-^

  • herp

    omg such nice movie and intro music

  • Kuwandai


  • herp

    laxus is boss

  • yhfxirai


  • Nalu fan

    I wish the movie could have been better, it kind of sucked :( .

    • Enzo

      OVA movies are never that good. It’s a fanservice.

      Look how many
      posts here are saying it’s a good movie… and… it isn’t

      • http://www.facebook.com/kayami.mori.1 Kayami Mori

        wrong.. most of the OVA are done well.. the Animation and everything is right on just like the Series.. something was very off with this Movie… the story itself was good. And there were some good parts but the Animation was so not at the usual greatness..

      • http://www.facebook.com/chibunia.firiti Elsa Lam

        youre kinda right… but at least it was decent i mean overall it was okay but it wasnt really all that bad i mean i didnt exactly move me to tears but i did feel like crying

      • SkyeWalker

        The comments whether this movie was great or not is entirely subjective. The theme of FT gets across and I think that’s what matters the most in criticizing this film. Although there are inconsistencies in the timeline of when the movie took place, it was still worth watching. Also, there are small scenes that were highlights of this movie– if you take those alone and make episodes out of them, it probably wouldn’t be as great and creative as it would’ve been in this movie.

        The mystery of this movie [which revolves around Eclair] was well written. Introducing a new character in a movie, away from the original series, would have been difficult since you have to decide whether to keep them or make them “go away” towards the end.

        I do admit that this movie could’ve been A LOT better. I found it interesting how they introduced another state in this movie xD

  • aznilkid

    how to download anyone?? :’(

    • Foo_G

      Just install your “video downloadhelper” add on. It always works

  • Elit3Blaze

    @01ca95b1cc22392c2593785d7b428685:disqus use video downloaders they also work on non-youtube videos

  • meowsta

    it wont work is it because I presume that so many people are trying to watch it

  • meowsta

    nevermind it’sworking now ay! ;p

  • gangsta

    dis shit dont work mane


    how can i download this movie? anyone? tnx :) )

    • gangstaAPE

      u cant fool, dis shit dont work

      • DODGE

        it works on me

  • kurtbear

    10/10 for me :D

    • buddahec

      wow really? you should try watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. If you think this is a 10 that will put you in a coma from over-awesomeness

  • http://www.facebook.com/chanelnukie.bohol Mavis Nukie Vermilion Bohol

    Wow..i never expected Eclair to be… wait, sorry i got something on my eye…

  • juvia fan

    i don’t get it…how could the big guys bullet magic affect juvia?

    • Loke

      Bullet magic can be use to juvia

    • SkyeWalker

      Since Juvia is made up of water, physical weapons wouldn’t work on her. Since magical bullet hold magical attributes, it can affect her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cheyenne.cereno Cheyenne Cereno

    why is it not working?
    i’m very eager to watch the movie……

    • http://www.fairytailhq.tv/ Natsu

      Should be no reason that it is not working, try a different mirror if the first one is not working.

  • Ouzza

    I can’t watch the movie? :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/park.s.lee.37 Park Sheenn Lee

    NaLu is Love

    i love the hug scene

    I Died !

    • NatsuXLucy_FTW

      HEHE!! I Know <3 They're Getting Closer!!!

      • Eena Scarlet

        I know right i keep skipping the movie till that part *but i watched the whole movie* !!!

    • GreyXFullbusterX

      the hug at the end was so cute, his never hugged her before. Could be the start of nalu

      • _Da_not_so_Otaku_

        I don’t think this is a part from the manga so the character developments that happens here would not matter in the anime.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christian.devera.334 Christian De Vera

    Fairy Tail is the Best.. :)
    but its a little sad in the end ..

  • kodyak

    lol gray got charged for public indecenty

  • Fairytailfan12321

    Is it bad that I cried loads at this movie? The ending? I was like “DON’T YOU DARE CRY LUCY! NO… NO STHAP! NO!”

    • LaniLaniKyu-chan :D

      *stahp. XD

  • haileen

    Works normally for me, but I had to use the Rutube option.

  • efewfsfasdfa

    if i was natsu while the Phoenix was still a fireball i would of ate it

  • nalushipper

    Too many tears x””””””’D

  • I_Love_FairyTail

    OMG great work subbing it! I love this movie and finally got to watch it! YAY!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tristin.marmolejo Tristin Marmolejo

    wow. overall great movie. i just wish it was better quality but thats to be expected from a raw edit. Good job editors. thanks for taking the time to get this done! =D

  • yumi

    how do you download this?

  • AZN-boi

    so duh sad :’(

  • http://twitter.com/PAULaziness P→O→L

    intro palang solve na

  • NatsuxLucy<3

    Lol “I can’t dispel he bride look… How bad she wanted to get married”. “No….no…”

    Ahaahah :3 and awwww natsu’s and gray’s face when they say naked lucy xD

    • NatsuxLucy<3

      The Not he

    • GreyXFullbusterX

      *when they saw naked Lucy* not say
      but yes that was so funny xD

  • http://www.facebook.com/denise.fernandez.180072 Denise Fernandez


    • jade<3anime

      remember after master asked him to be the next master he left to do something he also was not there in the grand magic games

  • harold

    can someone download the movie and upload it in torrent thanks!!!

  • shiyaera

    The best of everything!

    tears rolled dwon in my face!

  • woooper!

    The credits are so awesome XD We got tons of Nalu, Gruvia, and Gale! Oh, and Makarov sleeping in front of the council! PFFFFFTTTTT!!

  • mcflurry

    wtf i watched this for an hour and suddenly it stopped playing and it didnt want to load or play again so i reloaded the freakin page and now i cant watch it anymore!!! wtf! i was in the middle of a good scene man omg

  • Julia

    This was great I really enjoyed it. :) Obviously there were some flaws, but I’ve been waiting for this movie for months and I can say it was really worth the wait.

  • jadefrog

    I am so confused about where this places in the fairy tail timeline. It is clearly after the Tenroujima arc, as Jet and Droy and the others have aged (and gained weight), but they are in the old guild hall. I’m assuming that this takes place sometime after the Grand Magic Games, but I would have liked them to specify. Otherwise it was fantastic, a really great movie!

    • Teegra

      I know right?
      I was wondering if this was BEFORE the Tenrou Island thing

      • http://www.facebook.com/Celtika.Uzma Uzma Celtika Jaffry Lauritzen

        Definitely after. Lucy’s father is dead, and they are wearing the newer style of clothes. It takes place in the future. Remember the old castle hall isn’t destroyed, the guild just went bankrupt. The master states they will get the guild hall back eventually when he’s trying to make Gildarts the newest master. So I guess they obtain that goal.

    • MichaelJCeladena

      Confusing.. Exactly…

      If it were set after the Grand Magic Games then Elfman would have been buffer with longer hair and Gajeel should have easily destroyed his enemy who was hiding in the shadows since he would’ve had Iron Shadow mode by then plus he’d also be just as motion sick as Natsu on the train.

      I’m just assuming this is set after the Grand Magic Games because they’ve reclaimed their former guild hall however, by also putting into consideration that this was movie was planned waaay before the time skip it’s possible that Hiro Mashima didn’t originally plan to have the story progress into the Grand Magic Games arc which probably explains a lot of these inconsistencies.

      That aside, was I the only one that was slightly put off with how buff Gray got? he seemed chunky or am I too used to seeing him cut and lean in the manga (no homo) haha.

      • Ely

        I think that was part of the fanservice for the female fans. Gray is widely seen as the sexual icon for women who watch Fairy Tail, mainly cuz he never has clothes on. Kind of like how they exaggerated the boobs a bit more and the curves for the female characters? Yeah….. fanservice.

      • Assassinmentor

        The movie was okay I wouldn’t exactly say great

      • SkyeWalker

        I totally agree about the part where it has to be around the Grand Magic Games. Considering their outfit change, and with Laxus back, it definitely took place after the seven year gap. It is just confusing how there are (like what you mentioned) “inconsistencies” in the characters’ looks and skills. It does make sense if it took place after they got their guild back.

        I like how Gray looked really buff. Natsu still looks rather childish than Gray, although we know how they’re both one of the strongest in the guild :)

    • devinsen

      they probably won the games (obviously haha) and got the money to buy back the stone guild hall.. (it’s still there since Makarov showed Gildarts lumin histoire before the games started and it was in the basement)

    • Freed Justine

      This is before the guild games and before the training its from where they got back this is a mostly fan made movie so it theory it doesnt have a timeline but its between when they get back from the island and the guild games

    • NatsuXLucy_FTW

      Yes It Is After THe Tenroujima arc AND For Me After Ep. 175 I Went Onto The Manga And They Rebuilded The Old Guild Hall :D

    • caitlin

      i think it is from before the Grand Magic Games. I remembered that the Makarov was once being told to come to the leaders council so yeah its after tenjirou but before Grand Magic Games

  • narusaku232

    it sucked


    It went quicker than I thought it would….wasn’t as great I as hoped it would be. Great NaLu moments at the end though! Both in movie and in credits :D It was a really great ending…just went by really quickly and I feel that they could have gone deeper into it.

  • FairyTailnerd

    Fucking Peasants OMG

  • christar

    Damn I am a guy and almost cried wow…..

  • Harris

    And the sadness…so beautiful and I love the opening and ending c: thanks you a TON FOR UPLOADING IT!

  • Momo-chii

    TnT *bawls* Eclair!!! Noooooooo QAQ

  • Nue Chan :3

    Awwwww. How I love this movie. Every moment here is very EPIC. One of the greatest anime movie I have watched this year. I guess friendship means everything eh?

  • http://www.facebook.com/charlemagne.bautista Txarr Leii Meyn

    so moved….. great movie…

  • Skiracer

    Well….that was depressing. Epic, but depressing….

  • http://www.facebook.com/walter.purisaga Walter Purisaga

    it was really a good movie but made me cry few times. everything else was light and darkness the whole movie but i like it. i feel sorry for lucy for loseing a amazing friend like eclair and momon. long live their friendships forever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kayami.mori.1 Kayami Mori

    First there were some very CUTE moments in this movie. The story itself was good also! the Idea was great. However, the Lack of effort to make the animation made it almost unbearable. If I didn’t love Fairy Tail as much as I do I think I would have turned it off. This is NOT the top quality Anime we are use to.

    The Sub’s were to fast. Some parts were so dark you couldn’t tell what the hell was going on (which makes the scene useless if you can’t see it). The Animation was stiff and not clean. And what was worse in my eyes was the Character Drawings.. OMG…It was like a first time artist drew it… I mean like Fan art where its ok but its not that “Great”. Especially not the Great we are use to from Hiro. I was really disappointed by it all. Anyone that never saw the Anime and just saw this Movie. Would not become a fan of Fairy Tail.

    Like I said the worse was the Characters and how badly they were drawn. Well….. I mean there were times when Gray who is always Hot looked AWEFUL. This was SADDENING I love Gray and always look forward to his muscles on display..

    I guess I don’t understand how the Anime Series can be so well done.. but this Movie just looks sloppy.

    I really really really wanted to Love this movie.. and again I DID Like the story and of course there were moments I loved.. Like Erza and her Dress, Natsu hugging Lucy, Gray for once including Juvia and not being a butthead.

    But I could barely keep up with how fast the sub titles were. Add that with the Sloppy art and animation. I am almost sad I watch it…

    Oh well.. at least Momon was adorable….. but eh… I have to say.. I am VERY disappointed.


  • dddddd

    an ok movie. need to make a better one.

  • Killa

    46:10 Natsu isnt motion sick on teh train? :S




  • Teegra

    You don’t know how much I have cried at the ending. When the sad part came, I started to tear up, and eventually started to cry. But I started to say something that Elfman would say.

  • nhyzher

    thanks for the movie….

  • http://twitter.com/Mariahfan4eva Larrin ♥

    OMG I LOVED this, this movie was amazing but sad!

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.wong.7547 Matthew Wong

    lol i thought he was pulling the arrow out

  • fanna

    The end is so sad,I wish Eclair didnt have to go,I almost cried but I guess I kind of figured that something like that would happen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Gabriel.Demon.Prince Gabriel TheDemon Prince

    The first thing I feared when watching this movie is when the movie stop in the good part and won’t play again!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Celtika.Uzma Uzma Celtika Jaffry Lauritzen

    As stated before the animation wasn’t as good as the normal episodes, which is odd to me. I thought you usually want better quality for movies? But I liked the story. A little fast paced, I think it might have flowed a little better with an extra half hour or so added. But I will watch it again, and definitely enjoyed myself.

  • xiroy

    YESS! <3

  • me:3

    what is that damn noise?!

  • http://twitter.com/trendinganime Anime Stuff

    Lucy never Failed me to cry :’(

  • camels

    Having issues cant click on link please help

  • camel

    i cant interact with the video help please

  • mrsdragneel

    oh my god. that was so sad.

    m so jealous of lucy she gets to be held like natsu umfi

  • gledi

    i would like to say honestly that this is the most beautiful anime that i have ever seen and it would be a pity that it ends here/ this anime has the oporunity to make a lot of more beautiful episodes like it has until now so please let it be continued

  • Freed Justine

    the sound quility is wierd

  • Wassup

    Lol it seems ike everytime Lucy makes a friend they are either seriously hurt or destroyed. Other than that it was a pretty good movie. Graphis were a bit grainy but if i had drawn it the stick figures would be amazing.

  • Ely

    Props to Lucy’s voice actress! Them cries made me cry with her! That’s some talent right there. When all you need is your voice to bring about tears in others? Damn…

  • Shiro Katsuo

    This movie was good. I know some people are raving about how great, and some say it stunk. I found most of the fight scenes to be lacking, namely the enemies, they are so powerful when they attacked the guild, but Natsu never even really needed to get “Fired Up!” But at least this OVA kinda stuck with the general feeling of FT. While the filler eps at the end of season 3 (Mainly read the Jiggly Butt Gang) was SOOO off keel from the rest of the FT series, it close to turned me off of watching FT. If I wanted to watch STUPID CARTOONS, I would watch Spongbob.. :-O I watch FT for the mixture of serious moments, and light-hearted comedy, not slapstick humor.

  • moe

    is it me or is it that this movies animation is terrible compared to the fairy tail series?

  • moe

    lucy is so annoying at the end omg

  • Derpyderp

    It had a echo which kind of bothered me >.<

  • fairy tail

    the movie was fantastic at the and it was sad but I didn’t get why erza bought a dress LOL :)

  • Fairy tail 1

    I think that the movie was fantastic but I don’t get why Erza bought a wedding
    dress LOL :)

  • jade<3anime

    I am crying so much I have a head ach T.T

  • LucyxNatsu

    O_O What Is This?! How Come I Never Heard Of Fairy Tail’s Movie! I Guess I Have Been Living Under A Rock ;-;

  • LucyxNatsu

    WAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Im Crying So Much ;-; I Want….I Want Magic To Stop These Tears!

  • Fairy law

    The movie was so good at the end it made me cry :( but I don’t get why erza
    Bought a wedding dress LOL :)

    • Eena Scarlet

      to get married to Jellal why ofcourse!!! *not sure but think so*

  • Faz

    Loved the NaLu Moment At The End!

  • NatsuXLucy_FTW

    XD THe Look On Gray, Natsu, And Eclairs Face When Lucy Was Nude!! XD HAHA PRICELESS XD

  • NatsuXLucy_FTW

    Natsu: You Hurt Lucy….Ill Never……Forgive You!!!!!!!

    NaLu!!!! :D HEHEHE <3 + Hug :D HEHE

    • Eena Scarlet


  • GreyXFullbusterX

    ”So the council agreed?” *Looks at Jet who shakes head then back to Gramps* ”No I stole it” xD i love them all that bit made me laugh

  • Dar DAre

    AMAZING! FairyTail Movie <3

  • Eena Scarlet

    love the ending NaLu in eclair dying part and in the credits MWAHAHAHA

  • kayla

    LOL i so love the part where lucy gets naked because of the two boys faces

  • kayla

    so many words that are not well ritten (i’m french so it dos not count)

  • aaddyy97mm

    please give me a link of fairy tail ep 178

  • enmanuel the hunter


  • enmanuel the hunter

    has anyone notice that wen Carla says that they are going to by punish he is smiling

  • enmanuel the hunter

    question who here plays team fortress 2 thats an awsome free game FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • enmanuel the hunter


  • enmanuel the hunter


  • enmanuel the hunter

    in the world of tf2 you can make a bow and arrow aut of piss

  • enmanuel the hunter

    that was nuclear was the phoenix power nuclear energy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol

    Lol who else saw that wen lucy was naked natsu said “i c ur stripping habbit is infectoius” Gray said ” Thank you 4 the stripping habbit”

  • Fairy_Tail_4321

    Just noticed this is literally the first time ive seen blood in fairy tail


    The sound quality sucks so much!

  • LucyDragneel

    if eclair is immortal then how the hell does she die


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